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Affordable Mobility Installation of an 8ft Enclosed Trus-T-Lift

Posted March 28, 2014

RAM has an extensive dealer partner network and some of them do complete home modifications. Affordable Mobility in New Hampshire is one of the companies RAM has worked with for years that goes the extra mile for every client.   Recently they installed an 8ft lift Trus-T-Lift™ for a client that had a full enclosure… read more

RAM Holds Dealer Partner Training – see the feedback!

Posted March 17, 2014

RAM had 17 of our dealer partners join us at the factory last week for a 2 days session on Trus-T-Lift.   We were very excited to host this group and help them learn about our products so they can support their customers more effectively in the future.   The feedback from our dealers was… read more

RAM Holds Dealer Partner Spring Training

Posted March 15, 2014

RAM has an extensive Dealer Partner Network in Canada and USA that we are proud to say support client with our products on the ground. This week we had a number of those dealer partners join us for training and certification here at our factory. We’re very happy to have their company and we went… read more

Where is a Portable Trus-T-Lift™ VPL applicable?

Posted March 6, 2014

Although a portable vertical platform lift is not governed by any specific safety code (to our knowledge at the time of writing) they do exist and, in the opinion of RAM, they fill a need for some applications where a permanent solution is not really practical or required. In many cases these applications are indeed… read more

Canada Sources of Funding for Medical Equipment such as Lifts

Posted December 22, 2013

RAM distributes its lift equipment through a variety of channels but the most significant one is our dealer partner network. At the following link you can see where one of our dealer partners has put together a fairly significant list of potential funding sources if you are having challenges both physically and financially. Many of… read more

Great Article on Accessible Housing Design from the CMHC

Posted December 9, 2013

If you ever wondered about different options for home lifts the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has a nifty little fact sheet that can help explain some of the options. There are a couple of errors in the information (lifts can go higher than 96in for instance) but it still does a nice summary… read more

Are Slate and Pearl White the New Stainless Steel in Home Finishes?

Posted December 3, 2013

We’ve all seen how the interiors of homes often have a period in which they appear to be constructed and this often corresponds with the materials that were available at the time and the tastes of a particular decade.   Stainless steel finishes were quite prevalent for years and we saw the look in everything… read more

Trus-T-Lift 750 Drive System Video Launch

Posted October 19, 2013

RAM Launches a New video that shows the drive systems for the Trus-T-Lift home lift. Many people with mobility challenges need to be careful with which devices they purchase and RAM has always tried to educate and provide as much information to help people make informed decisions. This video helps those that are looking at purchasing… read more

RAM Authored Article Published in Mobility Management Magazine

Posted October 3, 2013

RAM Manufacturing has had an article published in Mobility Management Magazine – October 2013 Edition. This is the first article RAM has authored for the publication and we’re very excited about it. The article relates to power back up systems for mobility devices and the different ways it can be done. Check it out on Mobility… read more

New RAM Trus-T-Lift Video

Posted October 1, 2013

RAM has recently released a new video that shows some of the basic features and benefits of our latest Trus-T-Lift 750. This is the latest innovation in accessibility lift design from RAM. The video can be accessed at this link  RAM TTL 750 Video