RAM has an extensive dealer partner network to support the sale, installation, and service of our Wheelchair Lift and Elevator products through our North America. California is no exception and we are happy to say we have roughly a dozen dealer partners in the region. Covering all the major centers of San Francisco, Sacramento,  Greater Los Angeles, Burbank, Irvine, and Sandiego as well as some outlying areas we work with some great partners!
With this much coverage and the extensive track record of working with our partners to provide both exceptional products and support in California we hope you feel secure in any purchase.


RAM has also undergone reviews with state authorities to review our designs and received positive reviews on our equipment. This means that when state inspectors go to sites where our equipment has been specified and installed it is easier to complete those project than with product that have not yet been reviewed. See our posting about our code compliance review here.

To get a tailored quote and connect with a local dealer please fill in on of our online quote request forms and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

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