3 Critical Factors to Enhancing Your Business’s Accessibility

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

In 2024, Edmonton businesses should ask themselves how we can make our business more accessible to everyone. What steps can we take to ensure all customers feel welcome in our space? 6.2 million Canadians are living with a disability— that’s 22% of the population!

If you want to enhance your business’s accessibility with an elevation device that doesn’t break the bank like a traditional passenger elevator, look no further than RAM Elevators + Lifts. RAM has been in the accessibility business since 1987, working hard to develop cutting-edge accessibility solutions to help people with disabilities realize their vertical potential.

The Usage Rate

How often will the elevator be used– daily, weekly, or when necessary? What is the intended use of the elevator? Is it for all passengers or strictly as a mobility aid for those with disabilities?

If your business is in a multi-level office building or storefront, investing in a low-rise commercial elevator is worth investing in. While elevators are not as expensive as once, they are still an investment. RAM’s Commercial Stratus Elevator costs as much as 65% less than a commercial passenger elevator.

The overall benefits of RAM’s elevators, services, and easy maintenance must be considered when looking for a cost-effective elevator.

Mobility Requirements

The main difference between passenger and commercial accessibility elevators is the positioning of entrances and exits, the car’s width, and, most importantly, the intended user.

Passenger elevators are wider to accommodate multiple passengers in the car, whereas accessibility elevators are specifically designed to be used by people with mobility disabilities. Traditional passenger elevators are quite wide and large, which aren’t necessarily going to fit in a small building or storefront. A significant part of the RAM Advantage is creating an accessibility-minded, space-saving elevator design.

Lift vs Elevator

Considering the above considerations, the final crucial decision you must make when choosing an elevation device is whether you need an elevator or a lift.

While lifts and elevators are both elevation devices, the main difference is how they are operated. Lifts are ideal for short distances because they require constant pressure on the floor selection and call buttons to begin moving. Elevators use automatic one-touch controls and are better suited for long travel distances between multiple levels! RAM elevators are compact and self-contained, making them machine-room-less, which saves space, time, and money.

If you invest in an elevation device for your multi-level business, RAM highly recommends the Commercial Stratus lift. All RAM elevators are low-rise and require a 2″ ramp rather than a pit or separate mechanical room, so no ground needs to be broken, making it ideal for businesses. RAM’s technicians can install our elevators into your space with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency.

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Here at RAM, our top priority is providing exceptional customer service. We understand the importance of accessibility made accessible, which includes answering our phones and rarely letting them go to voicemail.

RAM is proud to deliver timely, efficient, cost-effective mobility solutions for businesses across Alberta and British Columbia. Made for Albertans by Albertans, RAM is Western Canada’s top pick for accessible mobility solutions.

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