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Max Platform Size

W40″ x L60″


The era of complex and expensive home elevators is over. In its place is the Stratus, a fresh take on what a home elevator can be.

Rising above the status quo, the Stratus marries value with performance, without cutting corners. Available in three standard-format sizes, the Stratus is specifically designed for two floors of travel, significantly reducing on-site installation time and cost. Perfect for new homes and retrofits alike, the Stratus seamlessly integrates into your two-storey space.

Once installed, the Stratus boasts engineered polymers on all guiding surfaces, in addition to an all-electric drive system. The result? A dependable and comfortable ride that lasts for years.


Engineered Polymers

With advanced engineered polymers on all guiding surfaces, the Stratus eliminates the need for grease and keeps rides smooth and quiet for years to come.

Automatic Call buttons

The Stratus can be called with the single push of a button for total rider convenience.

Tailored Finishes

Choose from multiple interior finishes and door styles to complement your home.

Soft Start/Stop

Thoughtful engineering means every ride on a RAM product begins and ends with comfort in mind.

All-Electric Drive System

RAM’s field-proven electric drive system is reliable, powerful and whisper-quiet. Plus, no hydraulic fluid = no harsh smells.

Machine-Room Less (MRL) Design

While other elevators may need a separate room for essential machinery, every RAM product is compact and self-contained, saving you space, time and money.

Limited or No Pit Required

Choose a pitless build with a 2” ramp, ideal for existing spaces, or a 2” pit for flush access.

= RAM Advantage, an essential feature found in all of our products.



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Please check with local regulatory authorities as capacity, size and speed restrictions may apply
Code Requirements

ASME A17.1/CSA B44

Available Sizes
Car Size:
Car Inside Dimensions Shaft Dimensions
Width Depth Height Depth Length
Small 36″ 48″ 84″ 50.5″ 53.5″
Medium 40″ 54″ 84″ 54.5″ 59.5″
Large 40″ 60″ 84″ 54.5″ 65.5″
Travel Heights:
Max Travel (T) Min Overhead Clearance (C) Tower Height (TH)
9′ 92″ 13′
11′ 92″ 15′
14′ 92″ 18′