3 Factors Affecting the Cost of a Home Elevator

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Lifts, Elevators

Cost will always be an important factor to consider when adding accessibility features to your home. This is especially true when considering home elevators or lifts; in the past, many homeowners believed that an elevator was simply too expensive, even if it would enhance their overall quality of life. Today, however, modern technology has allowed manufacturers to design and engineer affordable elevators that deliver performance and reliability at a fraction of the price of traditional products.

Every home (and homeowner) is different; the cost of a home elevator will vary depending on their unique needs. Below, you’ll find some of the biggest factors in the overall price of a home elevator, as well as how RAM’s line of residential elevators offers comfortable, convenient, and affordable mobility solutions.

1. Age of Your Home

Your home’s age and layout can have an impact on a home elevator’s installation costs. Generally speaking, older homes with less open layouts tend to require more modification to accommodate an elevator. Additional factors like outdated electrical work and other pre-existing features may also affect installation costs. Even newly built homes may pose unique layout challenges when considering adding an elevator.

RAM’s unique Smart Space Design is ideal for retrofitting, renovations, and new home builds. Featuring low overhead requirements, pitless and machine room-less, and the flexibility for installation in any home, RAM home elevators require less space (and fewer home modifications) than most home elevators on the market today. RAM’s fully counterbalanced traction drive system offers reliable, whisper-quiet power while consuming up to 50% less electricity, without the maintenance, costs, and inconvenience of traditional home elevators.

2. Size & Travel Distance of Your Elevator

The bigger your home elevator and the further it has to travel, the more it’s going to cost. When considering elevator car size, homeowners need to consider the space in their home where the elevator can be installed, whether it will need to have room for a wheelchair or other devices like scooters and walkers.

RAM elevators are available with a complete range of car sizes and travel distances. Our Stratus series elevators are available with three car sizes and three preset travel heights, while our Crystal series offers completely customizable cars with up to 50 ft. of travel height.

3. Style & Features

Gone are the days where home elevators are eyesores! Today, home elevators are available with a host of stylish features that complement your home decor. More importantly, most reputable manufacturers offer a wide array of peripherals and accessibility features for all levels of mobility. While these finishing touches will add up, many homeowners find it well worth the investment to make their accessibility solution perfect for them and their lifestyle.

RAM elevators are available with a wide variety of stylistic and functional features. Our Stratus series is available in an array of standard finish options, while our Crystal series offer homeowners complete control with a wide range of sizing, doors, car finishes, and lighting options. Finally, RAM offers a full inventory of peripherals and accessories suitable for any accessibility requirements.

Complete Home Elevator Solutions with RAM

RAM’s line of residential home elevators are designed for comfort and convenience from the ground up. Our pitless, machine room-less (MRL) elevators feature industry-leading low-profile designs that save homeowners space, money, and time, all without sacrificing long-term performance and reliability. RAM’s proprietary electric drive system offers reliable, whisper-quiet power without the maintenance, costs, and inconvenience typically found in home elevators, while self-lubricating engineered polymers on all guiding surfaces keep your ride smooth and quiet for decades to come.

Whether you’re searching for valuecomfort, or luxury in your home elevator, RAM offers mobility solutions suitable for both new and existing homes, providing a higher level of comfort and performance than anything else on the market today.


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