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by | Jan 31, 2022 | Lifts, Elevators

Residential elevators from RAM Elevators + Lifts combine the best in performance with the most efficient installation processes possible so that homeowners can avoid destructive construction. Engineered using Smart Space Design, these residential elevators are easy to install, technologically advanced, and affordable. With options you can trust, RAM is ready to bring its advanced accessibility devices to you. Read on to learn about our residential elevators today.

No Heavy Equipment Needed

Installing a new residential elevator for your home does not need to require intense construction or damage. Instead, with RAM Elevators + Lifts, homeowners can enjoy a chaos-free installation. Our elevators do not require heavy equipment and are designed to be installed with minimal hassles. Introducing your home to construction can be damaging, and can cost homeowners like you more than just your peace of mind.

Machine Room-Less (MRL) Feature

Construction means more bills and more damage. Thanks to the innovative, compact design of RAM’S residential elevators, you do not have to deal with additional bulky machinery that needs to be accommodated.

With the technology built into our Crystal series and Stratus series elevators, you can enjoy a machine room-less (MRL) device that comes equipped with built-in technology so you do not need to carve out extra space in your home. RAM’s devices are made with your convenience in mind so that construction is always kept at a minimum.

Options You Can Trust

RAM Elevators + Lifts are equipped to provide homeowners with the best access possible. Functionality and style come together with all our residential elevators to bring you optimal comfort and efficiency when you choose RAM. Our catalogue of home elevators include:

The Crystal Series

The Crystal series elevator is elegant, with all the high-performance quality and advanced technology you want from your elevating device. This elevator is equipped with the best features Smart Space Design has to offer, including low overhead clearance, limited/no pit requirement, and, of course, the machine room-less feature. If you are looking for a residential elevator that stands out and allows for full customization, the Crystal series elevator is for you.

The Stratus Series

Functionality and style merge together to create this money-saving and versatile residential elevator. The Stratus is built with all of the features of Smart Space Design, with the added value of engineered polymers. Engineered polymers are an advanced feature of the Stratus elevator. This addition ensures that your ride is the least disruptive and most comfortable experience, and decreases the amount of maintenance required on your device.

Trust RAM for Your Residential Elevators

RAM Elevators + Lifts is a North American company that specializes in low-rise mobility solutions. With our commitment to providing accessibility, we have worked for over three decades to hone our expertise and provide our customers with the best elevating devices on the market. Our products are used in homes and buildings across North America. With our cost-saving features and our innovative technology, RAM’s residential elevators stand out as the easiest and most trustworthy mobility solutions on the market.


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