Benefits of All-Weather Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Lifts

As spring comes to an end, people are eagerly anticipating spending time outdoors, enjoying the warm weather and looking forward to finally going outside. However, for those with limited mobility, the idea of navigating the outdoors can be challenging. Stairs and outdoor mobility obstacles can limit their ability to enjoy the outdoors, depriving them of social activities, family gatherings, and time spent outside.

Even though there are mobility solutions that can help individuals access the outdoors, only a few of them are safe to use all year round. An outdoor wheelchair lift can offer a solution to mobility challenges, making it easier for those with limited dexterity to spend more time outdoors all year round. Learn more about the benefits of our all-weather outdoor wheelchair lift below!

Connected to Community

An outdoor wheelchair lift can make it simple and effortless to enter and exit your home. By installing a reliable outdoor wheelchair lift, individuals with limited mobility can engage in social activities and spend time in the community without worrying about being unable to access their homes. Visiting friends and family or enjoying time away from home can become more comfortable with the help of an outdoor wheelchair lift.

Move Around Freely

Another benefit of an outdoor wheelchair lift is that it provides individuals with greater independence and freedom to move around and do as they please without the help of anyone else. Our outdoor wheelchair lift makes it easier to get out and about – at least to access your home.

Easy Access to the Outdoors

Mobility limitations should not prevent anyone from enjoying the outdoors. Our outdoor wheelchair lift allows homeowners to safely navigate their property, making it easier for individuals to explore the outdoors! With the installation of an outdoor lift, homeowners can focus on experiencing beautiful sunny days without the worry about the challenges of getting up and down the stairs.

All-Weather Accessibility

While many outdoor lifts are only useful during the summer months, RAM’s outdoor wheelchair lift is engineered for year-round use, even in harsh winter conditions and extreme heat waves. We have engineered our VPLs to provide reliable access solutions in any weather condition, ensuring that you have the freedom to move around at any time of the year.

Reliable Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts in North America

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we are dedicated to engineering elevators and lifts that offer easy, affordable accessibility solutions with powerful performance, comfort, and reliability. Our VPLs are the perfect solution for outdoor accessibility as they offer homeowners easy and safe access all year round.

Our Soft Touch Paddle controls are highly responsive and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use our VPLs, even with limited dexterity. Additionally, our powerful all-electric drive system offers reliable performance in outdoor applications with minimal maintenance required. All our VPLs incorporate our patented Zero-Load Start design that protects its motor from extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable startup and use in all weather conditions. We have designed our VPLs to offer homeowners a reliable access solution that can be safe to use all year round.

Enjoy The Outdoors with RAM’s Outdoor Wheelchair Lift

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