Best Home Elevators in 2022!

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Elevators, Lifts

In a multi-story home, family members and aging homeowners often face mobility challenges that they cannot easily overcome, especially if the main form of transportation is using the stairs. Home elevators have grown increasingly popular as they present the best solution for people with limited mobility, but with many options on the market, which is the best elevator for your household? Read on to find out what features make the best home elevator in 2022!

The Perfect Price

It goes without saying that the first and most important factor that contributes to the quality of a home elevator is cost. Often homeowners struggle to find the perfect balance between price and performance and end up sacrificing one or the other. The best feature about RAM Elevators + Lift’s home elevators is that they are mobile, functional, quiet and affordable. Our customers no longer have to worry about compromising quality for a better price as all our home elevators offer you dependability and functionality within your budget.

Low Maintenance

Hydraulic and winding drum elevators have been popular on the market; however, both require frequent maintenance, increasing the cost spent on elevators. At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we have designed low-rise elevators that are equipped with all-electric drive systems to eliminate problems such as fluid leakage or reservoir oil replacement, which decreases the need for ongoing maintenance. Our proprietary all-electric drive system offers homeowners exceptional performance and durability while maintaining the efficiency of the elevator. No matter which RAM home elevator you decide to install, it will only require routine maintenance and inspection.

Space-Saving Design

One of the biggest concerns with home elevators is space, especially if your elevator requires additional room for the machines. RAM home elevators incorporate Smart Space Design principles that make adding a home elevator more accessible and more affordable than ever. These features include:

  • Machine Room-Less (MRL) Design
  • Minimal Overhead Clearance Requirements
  • No/Limited Pit Requirements

Unlike traditional home elevators, RAM Elevators + Lifts prioritize the customer’s comfort. Our Smart Space Design allows homeowners to seamlessly install their home elevator without worrying about excavation, renovation or complicated construction. RAM’s home elevators can be easily installed in your home, no matter the space.

Trust RAM To Accommodate Your Needs

In cases where a home elevator is installed to ease accessibility within the household, it becomes a necessity and not a luxury. Spending thousands of dollars on fancy equipment and ongoing maintenance costs to install an essential tool in the house can be tough. At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we understand the importance of making your home more accessible without compromising quality for cost. Contact us for more information about our affordable home elevators, or request a quote today!


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