Best Residential Elevators for Vancouver Homes

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Elevators, Lifts

The search for an affordable home in Vancouver and the lower mainland of BC feels next to impossible these days, let alone finding a home that caters to accessibility needs! Sometimes, sacrifices must be made, like choosing the least accessible option because it fits your budget. As the population grows, the availability of affordable housing goes down, and the buildings get taller. However, not all of these apartments are equipped with elevators or lifts.

At RAM Elevators & Lifts, we understand the difficulties of living in Vancouver with mobility challenges. For those who have purchased real estate and want to maximize their living space, increase their home’s accessibility, or future-proof their home, RAM is the company for you. We provide the best home elevators Canada has to offer.

Keep reading to learn more about how RAM has made accessibility affordable and luxurious with superior quality!

Value Add

Installing a residential elevator adds significant value to the home and the people who live there. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to install an elevator into a pre-existing home, RAM elevators provide exceptional value. Having an elevator installed in your residence can boost the resale value of your home by at least 10%, making it a worthwhile investment.

Having an elevator or lift in the home allows clients the ability to age in place and creates peace of mind that, no matter what life throws at you, your home is equipped to deal with it. Installing a home elevator today will future-proof your tomorrow.

Customer Service

At RAM, our clients are our top priority. When someone calls the RAM office, it is very rare for calls to go unanswered and be sent to voicemail. Not only will we get back to you as soon as possible, but we will also schedule the first available time to visit your site. During the site visit, our team will look for what is possible, consult with the client on what they want, and take detailed site drawings.

We have made accessibility accessible by offering superior-quality elevators at a fraction of the typical price. Depending on a client’s needs, we will have a solution for them.

RAM Residential Elevators

The Residential Stratus is our standard model that is small but mighty. At a mid-range price point, the Stratus is ushering in the era of accessible home elevators at an affordable price. This elevator marries performance and value without compromising on either side.

Three standard sizes are available, and the Stratus is designed to travel between two floors and seamlessly fit into your home. The Stratus is the best model for those looking for functionality over individuality.

Are you looking for a home elevator that is equal parts accessible and luxurious? Our Residential Crystal elevator is the one for you. From the interior of the car interior to the colour of the buttons, nearly every aspect of the Crystal is customizable to be a one-of-a-kind expression of personal luxury.

With a travel distance of 50ft, the Crystal can take you anywhere in your home. Your home is your oyster! Work with RAM’s designers to craft an elevator that seamlessly connects with your home’s interior design, unique to you.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best home elevator can be tricky, but the dedicated team at RAM is here to assist you. RAM’s talented engineers have designed residential elevators to seamlessly integrate into your home because we believe accessibility can be beautiful and practical.

RAM proudly supplies Canadians with the highest quality home elevators at the best prices. If you are in Vancouver and considering retrofitting an elevator into your home, call RAM today and receive a quote.

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