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by | Mar 14, 2022 | Elevators

Homeowners and home builders look to RAM Elevators + Lifts for their residential home elevator needs. Engineered with Smart Space Design, our elevators upgrade your space without costing you extra fees due to extensive construction or maintenance. The low footprint and cost-efficient technology component of our elevators and lifts elevate the standard for accessibility every time. Read on to learn more about our residential home elevators and lifts.

Expertly Engineered With Your Needs in Mind

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we know it is important for homeowners to have the best convenience when it comes to their home mobility needs. We make sure your residential home elevator comes with all of the most convenient features so that you can experience the best in functionality and affordability. RAM’s elevating devices are all expertly engineered to make your accessibility journey as seamless as possible.

With Smart Space Design at the forefront of RAM’s designs, our devices are able to work for retrofits and new home plans. RAM’s elevators and lifts are easy to integrate and fitted with an all-electric drive system that saves you money on your energy bill. Our elevators and lifts come equipped with the best technology, so you don’t have to tear apart your space to accommodate your elevating device. With minimal construction requirements and technology that takes accessibility to the next level, bringing in an elevator for your space has never been easier or looked better.

The Crystal Series

Bringing in a luxury elevator for your home might be the right decision if you are looking for a fully customizable, elegant elevating device to complement your space. The Crystal series is RAM’s most refined residential home elevator. Built with luxury in mind, this elevator can be fully customized so you can add your own vision to your home elevator.

RAM Elevators + Lifts is proud to introduce the Crystal Prism. This new addition to the Crystal series features an all-glass frame. With the Crystal Prism, you can enjoy a luxury elevator and never miss out on your home’s beautiful views. If a refined home elevator is what you are looking for, the Crystal Prism is here to make your vision a reality.

The Stratus Series

Customizable, functional and affordable, the Stratus series elevator is the perfect mobility device for any home. The Stratus stands out against its competitors as an asset to any home. While conventional hydraulic elevators may require additions like a machine room or come with harsh smells, the Stratus series is manufactured to be scentless and machine room-less. Thanks to the all-electric drive system, your elevator works seamlessly without using harsh smelling hydraulic fuel.

The Trus-T-Lift

Available for both indoor and outdoor applications, the Trus-T-Lift is RAM’s compact and reliable accessibility solution. This elevating device was manufactured for easy installation and convenient design. As an affordable accessibility solution, this lift is an innovative, industry-leading, high-performance device. This lift can be used as an indoor and outdoor lift and is able to withstand extreme temperatures to ensure rider safety, regardless of the climate.

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