Commercial Outdoor Lifts in North America

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Lifts

Did you know that around 1 in 4 Americans, approximately 26%, have some type of disability? In fact, 11.1% of people with disabilities experience difficulty walking or climbing stairs and require the aid of mobility solutions in their daily lives.

The world is seeing a significant shift toward mobility, and many have taken action toward making their homes, businesses and properties more accessible for those with limited dexterity. If you’re a business owner or a property manager looking to make your building more accessible, we have the perfect outdoor solution for you below!

Outdoor Mobility Solutions

As a property or a business owner, the safety of your customers and visitors is your top priority. Whether it’s hiring a company to shovel ice and snow from your sidewalk or partnering with a cleaning crew to maintain the cleanliness of your building, you are ensuring that visitors can safely and freely access your property. With that said, many business owners struggle to keep their outdoor ramps maintained and safe to use during extreme weather, which can create challenges for visitors using mobility aids such as wheelchairs and canes.

Alternatively, property owners have chosen a different path when installing an outdoor mobility solution. Instead of spending time and money on building and constantly maintaining outdoor ramps, businesses are investing in outdoor lifts that require minimal site preparation, minimal installation space and minimal maintenance for years to come. The right outdoor lift will allow more customers to access your building and increase property value for you and your stakeholders.

Reliable Outdoor Lifts

Since 1987, RAM Elevators + Lifts has been manufacturing and supplying reliable mobility solutions for low-rise commercial use across the US and Canada. Our team of experienced engineers has created the perfect outdoor mobility solution for low-rise commercial buildings, which provides safe and reliable rides for passengers all year round.

Our commercial Trus-T-Lift is not only designed to offer passengers with limited mobility the independence to access a site, but it’s also engineered to fully operate in temperatures between -40ºC and +40ºC. Featuring a non-slip metal platform and a high-sided enclosure, RAM’s Trus-T-Lift provides passengers with a safe and comfortable ride in any weather conditions. Our patent zero-load start design is engineered to protect the motor during extreme cold and heat, allowing the Trus-T-Lift to power up immediately whenever it’s needed.

Space Saving Outdoor Lift

In most low-rise commercial buildings, space is limited. Owners often find it challenging to build a conventional wheelchair ramp as it requires one foot of ramp for every vertical inch of travel, requiring additional space that isn’t always available.

One of the key benefits of installing our Trus-T-Lift is saving space. We have designed our unique outdoor lift to only require a 5 x 5 ft. concrete pad for installation and use! Additionally, our Trus-T-Lift features multi-side entry allowing visitors and customers comfortable and safe access to your building. The Trus-T-Lift’s compact and modular design is also optimized for travel distances between 2 and 14 vertical feet, allowing you to offer your customers safe travel between floors without sacrificing space.

Commercial Outdoor Lifts

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, our mission is to make mobility affordable and accessible for our customers in both the short and long term. We have designed top-quality passenger lifts that are durable, functional and easy to maintain over time.

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