Comparing Commercial Elevators: Stratus or Crystal?

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Elevators, Lifts

For Edmonton business owners, it’s essential to consider adding an elevator to your commercial space. RAM Elevators + Lifts has two options to choose from when you’re considering purchasing a commercial elevator: the Commerical Status with refined mobility capabilities or the Commerical Crystal, where distinctive mobility meets luxury finishings.

Commercial elevator costs can vary depending on the model. The Stratus elevator is cost-effective while still maintaining the superior quality RAM it is known for. The Crystal is our luxury elevator with slightly more sophisticated features, like multiple entry/exit points.

Commercial Stratus Elevator – Empowering Progress

The Stratus is RAM’s standard format elevator, demonstrating how even the tiniest details make the most significant impacts. The Status is a constant pressure lift built for two-storey buildings with up to four stops and a reliable lifting capacity of 800 lbs with zero risk of slippage.

Are you looking to retrofit an old elevator or install a brand-new one? The Commercial Stratus Elevator provides tremendous value by being cost-effective, maintaining superior quality and offering three practical size options with tasteful customizable finishes.

The Stratus is silent and scent-free, operating on a constant pressure system without requiring hydraulic fluid. The polymer drive nuts are engineered for longevity, with self-lubrication that facilitates a clean and dry operation. Our pitless design does not require an additional machine room, significantly reducing commercial elevator installation costs.

Commercial Crystal Elevator – Distinctive Mobility

The Commercial Crystal elevator is one step above the Stratus with a significantly larger carriage that facilitates multiple configurations of entry and exit points. Customization is not limited to the elevator’s finishings!

The sizing for the Commercial Crystal is customizable, with a maximum car size of 21.5 square feet, allowing clients to maximize optionality and support distinct features required to suit their needs. Clients can enjoy the look and feel of a full-sized elevator at a fraction of the price.

RAM proudly boasts that the Commercial Crystal Elevator is the largest commercial platform available on the market today. The RAM standard provides a value-driven experience with incredible beauty and exceptional operation at a third of the price of a standard commercial elevator.

Why RAM?

At RAM, we believe that mobility and accessibility are a right, not a luxury and that commercial spaces with two or more floors should have an elevator. RAM Commercial Elevators costs around 65% less than the typical market offerings because RAM handles most of the manufacturing in-house. Controlling our manufacturing has allowed RAM the flexibility of maintaining superior quality at a fraction of the standard price.

Stand-out features of the Commercial Stratus elevator include standard melamine panel interiors, painted aluminum trim, a keyed lock-out for safety, stainless steel stations and an alarmed emergency stop button.

The Commercial Crystal elevator is a low-maintenance lift that does not require frequent inspections; RAM technicians inspect the elevators quarterly, which is far less intrusive than other commercial elevators that require monthly inspections. The Crystal offers unmatched size, speed and customization compared to any commercial elevator on the Canadian market. RAM’s Commercial Crystal Elevator is Canada’s most elegant commercial mobility solution.

Bottom Line

Overall, both the Commercial Stratus and Commercial Crystal elevators are spectacular products. You couldn’t go wrong with either. The main difference comes down to client needs. Some merely require a standard elevator that is size-friendly for a small business. Others might require a significantly larger elevator carriage to transport large amounts of product or people simultaneously.

Commercial elevator costs can be excessive, but not with RAM. We believe in providing our customers with superior quality at an affordable rate because accessibility should be accessible.

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