Customized Luxury Home Lifts with RAM Elevators + Lifts

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Lifts, Elevators

Mobility issues do not need to negatively impact your home life. While people may still envision lifts to look the same as they did a decade ago, this is simply not true. RAM Elevators + Lifts constructs quality, luxury home lifts for any home that requires accessibility aids. We offer a range of styles and colours for you to choose from on top of helping you design your home lift to match the layout of your home. Keep reading to learn about our luxury home lifts.

What Is a Home Lift?

A home lift is brilliant accessibility technology that allows a person with mobility issues to overcome vertical challenges. Typically, lifts are used as alternatives to stairs or ramps to get into or out of the home. Lifts are preferable to ramps, as ramps take a foot of length for every inch of height it gives. For small spaces, this method is less than ideal. And where stairs are unsafe or impossible to use, lifts are the best alternative.

RAM Elevators + Lifts offer luxury customizable home lifts that can be installed inside the house, in the garage, or outside. With outdoor-safe lifts, you do not need to worry about fluctuating weather conditions; our home lifts are completely safe in all Canadian weather. RAM crafts luxury home lifts with non-slip metal bases for your safety and can function in rain, snow or shine.

What Can I Customize?

Your luxury home lift can be customized to your liking and style. We allow any of our valued clients to choose the colours, trim, doors or gate, handrails, and so much more. You can design your home lift in a way that matches your home. We want you to love the way your lift looks in your home.

Depending on your house set up, we can offer in-and-out, straight through, and adjacent entrance and exit point models. Planning on moving and need a home lift that will come with you? No problem! Our luxury home lifts are perfect for permanent and temporary use.

Luxury Home Lift Benefits

Concern about slipping and falling on stairs in less favourable weather is common, especially if the user has mobility issues. Let’s forgo that risk and install a home lift to keep you safe! Operational through all seasons, this lift is a sturdy and safe way to access all levels of your home. Winter can be especially difficult for wheelchair users and people who use walking aids. With the help of a trusty home lift, the safety concerns with stairs are mitigated.

When an accident results in a new disability, modifying your home to be accessible can be a new and seemingly long process. Fortunately, when you work with RAM we can have your home lift installed in a matter of days after your consultation. We want to get you out of the unfamiliar hospital as fast as possible and back into the comforts of home.

Your Home Can Be Accessible with RAM Home Lifts!

Don’t compromise your quality of life when there are luxury solutions. RAM Elevators + Lifts will ensure you have a home lift that suits your tastes by customizing your home lift with our comprehensive range of luxury colours. Your home is, and should remain, a place of rest and relaxation. Request a quote or contact us today to learn how a luxury home lift can benefit you.


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