Do Home Elevators Cost Too Much?

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

If you’re in need of better accessibility in your home, a home elevator might be the solution you are looking for. But is the cost of home elevators too high for it to be worth it? Below, we discuss elevators and what they offer you for their price. Read on to learn about the cost of home elevators with RAM Elevators + Lifts.

A Quick History of Elevators

The concept of elevators has been around since the early 19th century, though these were more rudimentary versions and started as a vehicle for transporting goods. But, after a total redesign to make the elevator safe to transport people, we had the first passenger elevator. As the use of them increased the purpose and design changed as well. From corporate buildings to penthouses, elevators began appearing everywhere. It has become a staple for meeting basic accessibility needs in public places.

Today, RAM Elevators + Lifts create home elevators for people who need that same accessibility in their houses. Now, you can install indoor and outdoor elevators that can help you safely navigate your home for years to come.

The Cost of Elevators Today

As they become more prevalent in North American homes, the cost of home elevators is becoming more affordable. That being said, we still have to account for the cost of installation, labour, materials, and manufacturing. Like anything else when people are in a safe and secure working environment, the cost of home elevators will reflect that.

The upside of home elevator costs is that when you install a private elevator into your home, you are greatly increasing the desirability and marketability of your piece of real estate. People who are preparing to age in place and who have mobility needs will consider homes with elevators above the rest. A higher demand for such a home raises the market value of the real estate, reducing the overall expense.

When asking if home elevators cost too much, consider what you can afford up-front and what you want to invest your money in for the long term.

Elevators For Every Home

RAM Elevators + Lifts works with you to create custom elevators that fit well and function better in any home. We create elevators without equal in functionality, design, and reliability. For over three decades, we have been tailoring our elevator blueprints to create a more accessible product for our clients. At RAM, we provide many options for finishes to suit individual tastes.

RAM Elevators are more affordable than ever, as the increased use of elevators in homes has been able to bring down supply-and-demand costs. The increased cost a home elevator will give your property’s market value and the better quality of life you get from the elevator today are significant reasons that home elevator costs are a worthy investment.

Access Your Home Again with RAM Elevators + Lifts

Mobility issues don’t need to stop you from accessing your home. RAM is working diligently to promote accessible homes and buildings throughout North America. Contact us today, or if you are sold on a specific elevator, request a quote.


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