Do You Need A Home Elevator or A Home Lift?

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Lifts, Elevators

Are you thinking of installing a mobility solution for your home, but you’re not sure which mobility device is suitable for you? Learn more about the features and benefits of residential lifts and elevators below.

Is There A Difference Between Residential Lift And Elevator?

A common misconception that homeowners have when looking to install a residential mobility solution is that elevators and lifts are the same product. Generally, a product that requires a walled enclosure that surrounds the cab and the machinery (shaft) is called a residential elevator. On the other hand, a residential lift sometimes has an open cab and typically doesn’t require a shaft for installation. Elevators are mostly installed indoors, whereas lifts are better suited for outdoor accessibility. Depending on your needs, you can either install an elevator or a lift in your home. RAM Elevators + Lifts have engineered dependable mobility solutions for all residential needs, including:


Finding a mobility solution that provides you with the accessibility you need at an affordable cost can be pretty challenging. Installing an outdoor lift to ease mobility is not a luxury but a necessity. Our Trus-T-Lift is designed to offer homeowners full accessibility at a price they can afford.

The Trus-T-Lift features easy-to-operate Patented Soft Touch Paddle controls, allowing users to move in and out of their homes easily. The non-slip metal platform design will enable passengers in wheelchairs to safely move in and out of the elevator, while the high-sided safety enclosure ensures the passenger’s safety in any weather conditions. To guarantee seamless installation, Trus-T-Lifts are delivered to homeowners in three separate parts that are fast and easy to assemble. For easier accessibility between floors, garages, porches or decks, RAM’s Trus-T-Lift is our most impactful and economical design.


Maintaining a home elevator is pretty costly, which is why RAM Elevators + Lifts have engineered an innovative and dependable mobility solution that offers homeowners the accessibility they need while providing low maintenance costs. RAM’s Stratus Residential Elevator is designed to provide homeowners with the best possible solution that is reliable, comfortable and affordable.

Our Stratus residential elevators can be easily installed within your home without the additional costs of building a machine room or a pit. Homeowners looking to install a Stratus in an existing space can choose a pitless build with a 2″ ramp or a 2″ pit for flush access. Unlike traditional elevators that require a separate room to store the machinery, RAM’s products are designed with a Machine-Room Less (MRL) design, where all essential machinery is mounted on top of the elevator. The Stratus elevator also features RAM’s proprietary all-electric drive system that eliminates the use for hydraulic fluid to run the elevator, eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance. By installing RAM’s Stratus Elevator, homeowners can finally own an affordable mobility device that offers safety and comfort.

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At RAM Elevators + Lifts, our primary goal is to make mobility accessible and cost-effective for homeowners. Designing industry-leading elevators and lifts allow us to offer our customers a lifetime of safe accessibility within their home. Request a quote today, or contact us to learn more about RAM’s Residential Elevators + Lifts.


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