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by | Jun 27, 2021 | Elevators, Lifts

If you’re looking to take your lowrise commercial or retail space to the next level, every detail matters, including your accessibility solutions. While a thoughtful, well-designed space is an excellent place to start, a mobility solution that makes a statement will help set your property apart and make it a destination for customers, clients, and workers alike.

Over the last three decades, RAM Elevators + Lifts has become a trusted North American provider of innovative mobility solutions. Today, our Commercial Crystal lifts offer an industry-leading experience, offering world-class performance and reliability, unbeatable value, and freedom to customize your lift to meet your space’s unique needs. Learn more about RAM’s Commercial Crystal lifts below.

Total Control for Elevated Experiences

RAM’s Crystal series offers complete control over every aspect of your commercial lift. With a comprehensive range of sizing, doors, car finishes, and lighting options, RAM is ready to transform your accessibility solution into a one-of-a-kind statement and a unique expression of luxury for your property, all at a third of the price of a commercial passenger elevator.

The RAM Crystal series offers the most complete capability range of any commercial lift available today. Ideal for travel distances up to 23 ft (depending on jurisdictional requirements), their self-contained, machine room-less design allows for space-saving installation in both existing spaces and new builds. Available in a pitless configuration with a 3″ ramp (ideal for existing spaces) or a 3″ pit for flush access, RAM Crystal commercial lifts can elevate any space through thoughtful design that seamlessly integrates into any space.

World-Class Performance & Reliability

In addition to total customization and luxurious style, the RAM Crystal series provides users with the absolute pinnacle of elevator performance.

RAM Commercial Crystal lifts give riders total control with constant pressure buttons and either manual or automatic doors. The field-proven electric drive system offers discreet, dependable performance without harsh smells from hydraulic fluids. Additionally, the fully counterbalanced traction drive provides industry-leading power while consuming 50% less electricity than other comparable lifts. Self-lubricating engineered polymers on all guide components keep your ride smooth and quiet without the need for grease, while soft starts and stops ensure rider comfort for years to come.

Unrivalled Value

The RAM Commercial Crystal offers elevated accessibility solutions ready to make a statement while delivering the quality and reliability that has made RAM a trusted name in mobility since 1987.

Backed by an extensive warranty, RAM Commercial Crystal liftss are engineered for reliable performance, easy operation, and minimal maintenance to deliver maximum value in any space. Our proprietary electric drive system requires minimal upkeep compared to our competition, and the polymer-coated guides provide a comfortable, reliable ride without the need for grease or fluids. With a quarterly maintenance cycle and fewer mandatory inspections than LULA or commercial passenger elevators, RAM Commercial Crystal lifts deliver added value throughout their lifetime through decreased maintenance costs and unbeatable reliability.


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