Enhancing Home Value with RAM Affordable Elevators

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Elevators

Accessibility in residential homes is becoming a more desirable renovation. And on top of gaining accessibility for yourself, you increase the value of your property and open your home’s resale market to a larger demographic. RAM Elevators + Lifts can help you achieve a desirable home for future buyers. With our line of affordable customizable elevators, you can make your home a mobility-friendly space while keeping your desired aesthetic. Keep reading to learn why an affordable home elevator is a good idea.

Cater to a Bigger Demographic

When your home no longer serves you, selling a home with an elevator opens up to a new demographic looking specifically for a home with accessibility. Affordable home elevators will put your home ahead of the market with this amenity. Wheelchair users, walking-assist users, and the elderly will benefit from a home with an elevator, which is not something that many homes currently offer. Renovating your home to include an affordable home elevator benefits you and any future owners.

Your Real Estate Value

Most renovations that individuals do to enhance their home will reflect on the real estate value at the time of selling. This is also true for home elevators. An elevator adds a new dynamic to your home that is invaluable. By selling a home with an elevator already installed, you give someone else full access to their new home without construction time after moving in. The idea of seeking out an affordable home elevator on top of finding a new home is an unnecessary stressor. By offering a home with accessibility in place you offer ease and comfort that other homes don’t. All of this while increasing your own quality of life while you live here, too.

A Higher Quality of Life at Home

Probably the most important of all of the benefits is how an affordable home elevator will increase your quality of life while you are in that home. While the experience you have in your home may not always reflect monetarily, it will change the value you put in your home. At RAM Elevators + Lifts we believe that you should always feel comfortable in your home. For people with mobility issues, an elevator can be the difference between feeling cut off and feeling at ease. RAM can help you achieve a home elevator at an affordable price. You deserve to have access to your entire home.

Affordable Elevators at RAM Elevators + Lifts

Creating accessibility for our valued clientele is our number one priority. At RAM, we build quality lifts and elevators for home and businesses alike in order to promote mobility for all. In this age of technology, accessibility solutions should be everywhere, and we are working hard to make lifts and elevators commonplace. RAM has over 30 years of experience and wants nothing more than to make your life easier.

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