Hidden Costs Behind Residential Elevators in 2022

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Elevators

Low-rise residential elevators are growing in popularity as homeowners are starting to work on making their homes more accessible. Typically, low-rise residential elevators are more affordable than high-rise elevators since they do not require the same power; however, more often than not, manufacturers might not fully disclose additional costs. Read on to learn about what hidden costs to ask about when installing your home elevator!

Machine Room Construction

When installing a residential elevator, owners tend to overlook the additional and often hidden costs of constructing a machine room for the elevator. Hydraulic, winding drums and traction elevators all require a separate room within the home solely dedicated to the machines used. Residential buildings are often built with enough space to only accommodate the dimensions of the elevator’s car, so when installing a hydraulic elevator, for instance, homeowners have to either take up an existing room for the machines or fully construct a new one.

Since homes are usually built with a predetermined layout, taking up an existing room is not always possible, which then compels homeowners to undergo expensive renovations where they tear down walls and rebuild rooms to accommodate machines. The added cost of hiring a construction crew to rebuild existing space in the home is often forgotten by homeowners, only to realize that they have exceeded their budget midway through remodelling.

Are you now rethinking installing a residential elevator in your home because of the added hidden costs? Don’t worry! With RAM Elevators + Lifts, you won’t need to construct space for machines since all our residential elevators are machine room-less (MRL). Our products are designed to be compact and self-contained, where all components are placed and mounted safely on top of the elevator’s car. You can seamlessly integrate any of our residential elevators within your home without being concerned about any hidden costs.

Maintenance Cost

Another hidden cost that homeowners are not fully aware of when installing an elevator is the cost of maintenance. Generally, most elevators are regularly maintained throughout the year to ensure the smooth operation of the elevator; however, elevators that require fluid change, tube maintenance and constant inspection of elevator parts will need more than frequent maintenance throughout the year. The added cost of maintaining fluid leakage, squealing belts or inspecting abrupt stops during operation is a continuous hidden cost that homeowners tend to stress over on a yearly basis.

Experts at RAM Elevators + Lifts have engineered our proprietary all-electric drive system that is powerfulreliable and whisperquiet! We have carefully designed our home elevators to only require minimal maintenance without sacrificing the quality of our products. Our line of residential elevators does not run on any hydraulic fluids, which gives our clients peace of mind throughout the year.

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