How Can A Vertical Platform Lift Impact Your Life

by | May 31, 2023 | Elevators, Lifts

With summer on the horizon and the temperature rising, everyone is eager to explore outdoor activities. After more than 6 months of being cooped up and hiding away from the cold, summer’s a great time to explore the outdoors and get some vitamin D! However, accessing the outdoors can be difficult for individuals with restricted mobility, especially if they need help descending stairs.

RAM Elevators + Lifts aims to bridge accessibility gaps in homes and businesses by offering safe and cost-effective accessibility solutions for all budgets. Our low-rise residential and commercial vertical platform lift (VPL), enables individuals with limited mobility to explore the outdoors safely and independently.

Our VPL is designed to offer individuals with limited mobility the independence and freedom to safely explore the outdoors without the assistance of anyone else. Learn about how RAM’s vertical platform lift can impact your daily life below!

Safe and Easy Access To The Outdoors

Navigating wheelchairs, canes, and scooters up or down the stairs can be very challenging and sometimes impossible. Stairs should never be a reason preventing anyone from accessing the beautiful outdoors. With RAM’s VPL, you can easily venture into the outdoors without any challenges. Our vertical platform lift is easy to use with an automatic or manual door, and our patent soft-touch paddle controls allow users to move easily, even with limited dexterity. We also offer homeowners several entry and exit point options to allow access to their porch, front yard, and/or garage. With just a touch of a button, you can enjoy the sunny summer breeze with RAM’s VPL.

Meetup with Friends and Family! 

RAM’s vertical platform lifts offer you the independence and freedom to leave your home and meet up with family and friends anytime you want! You can enjoy an afternoon stroll or grab a cup of coffee when it works for you and not just when it’s convenient for others. Having the independence to move around is a necessity for everyone, and RAM’s VPL is designed to offer everyone the freedom to leave their home whenever they please. Our proprietary all-electric drive system is designed to offer passengers reliable and comfortable rides all day long. RAM’s VPL can help you conquer accessibility hurdles and allow you to enjoy sunny summer days anytime.

Safety During Power Outages and Emergencies

RAM’s VPL is also equipped with an emergency manual crank and a battery backup for car controls and lighting that can be used to operate the lift during emergencies. RAM also offers an optional 40-cycle battery that runs the vertical platform lift for 40 cycles during a power outage. Safety is our top priority at RAM Elevators + Lifts, which is why we offer many custom safety features like adding a key lock, installing a phone, or setting up an emergency alarm to notify neighbouring homes. Operating RAM’s outdoor lift is simple and safe, allowing those with limited mobility the independence to access and exit their homes.

Ready To Get Moving With RAM?

For over 30 years, RAM Elevators + Lifts has been providing homeowners throughout North America with affordable and secure mobility options tailored to their specific needs. As a truly North American manufacturer and supplier of low-rise vertical platform lifts, we can guide homeowners in selecting the ideal home mobility solutions.

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