How The Stratus is Designed to Fit Your Needs

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Lifts, Elevators

Are you looking for an elevating device that complements your home or building? Are you struggling to find an affordable and customizable option that fulfils your space’s accessibility needs? RAM is proud to say that we have the solution to your problem: The Stratus elevator/lift.

The Stratus comes as a residential elevator for your home or a commercial lift for your building. Take a look at how the Stratus can change your home or building and give you the best option for your money.

Smart Space Design

Both our residential and our commercial Stratus feature Smart Space Design that prioritizes ease of installation and integration. Our Stratus is machine room-less, requires no pit, and includes an innovative all-electric drive system.

With this technology, we are able to introduce you to a self-contained, space-saving elevating device that does not burden you with the stress of having to follow machine room regulations for essential machinery.

No more worrying about purchasing a fire-rated door or buying locks to make sure the essential machinery is safe. Instead, you skip all that by trusting our Stratus to get the job done independently.

Our Stratus also allows you to avoid having to construct a pit for your new elevating device. For existing buildings, a 2-inch ramp is the only requirement for these elevating devices to work perfectly.

Digging a pit into your home or building can be a major downside to bringing in an elevating device. You can focus on other things instead of having to worry about tearing apart your home or building by introducing a Stratus into your space.

Finally, our All-Electrical Drive System sets our elevators/lifts apart from our competitors. With this exciting technology, RAM offers you an alternative to noisy and less reliable elevator options like the standard hydraulic elevator. Plus, you get access to powerful and innovative technology that you can rely on.

Customizable Interior and Exterior

The Stratus is a customizable elevating device that can be customized to your specific taste with unique door and interior options.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Stratus also comes with the option of customizing car sizes and travel heights according to your needs. With these three car sizes and heights, you can make sure that your device is working for your space and fitting seamlessly into your vision of accessibility.

Lifetime Value

The Stratus is so well integrated that it adds value to your home or building. The Stratus’ standardized sizing allows it to fit into your space without leaving you with heavy construction costs. Through its customizable features, it refines your home or building while also providing essential accessibility to your space.

Saves You Money

The commercial Stratus is a bargain for any building. Regardless of whether you are looking for a retrofit or hoping to introduce accessibility into your building plans, the commercial Stratus will do the job and save you money.

The commercial Stratus is 65% less expensive than a standard commercial passenger lift, which likely does not include the stand-out features that can be found in RAM technology. With the RAM commercial Stratus, you essentially keep 65% of your money by investing in a long-term money-saving lift that gives you the freedom to customize.

With its reliability, affordability and its long-term cost-saving benefits, the Stratus truly represents the perfect mix of beauty and innovation. Plus, why not save a little money along the way?


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