Pitless Elevators Are The Future Of Home Accessibility

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we never use invasive construction procedures where unnecessary. One of those that we have engineered to be unnecessary for our RAM products is the construction of a deep pit. Instead, we opt for our very own pitless elevator design. The pitless elevator uses either a 2” ramp or a 2” pit for minimal alterations needed to your home while still getting flush access into the elevator’s car. Far less construction means a lower price needed to make your home accessible to the people who need it. RAM has three beautifully crafted products to meet all levels of accessibility needed within the home. Take a look below at our selection of pitless elevators.

Iconic Luxury: $$$

The Residential Crystal is RAM’s high-end elevator fit for any home looking to add accessibility to be used by loved ones in need of mobility aids. This stunning elevator is completely customizable. The Kir Crystal, The Edison Crystal, and the Rose Crystal are just three ideas of what you can do with your RAM pitless elevator. From sizing to doors, and from walls to lighting, you can fully customize your home elevator to fit your style. Low overhead clearance and the machine room-less design mean that our team will be doing as little construction as we can safely do. Your home does not need a complete transformation in order to fit a luxury pitless elevator. RAM has engineered our elevators to be as easy as possible to retrofit or fit into a new home. One of our favourite parts about the Crystal is that compared to similar products on the market, it uses 50% less energy.

Contemporary Elegance: $$

The Residential Stratus fits into any five-by-five foot space. It is designed to fit into any square-foot home, using an all-electric drive system and engineered polymers on all gliding surfaces for reduced friction and higher efficiency. The Stratus is specifically designed to stop at two floors, making it easier to set up and install. Automatic single-push call buttons and floor buttons give the rider ease of use. With this elegant lift, you will not need to worry about making space for a machine room as the Stratus is fully self-contained. Choose the interior and door finishes that suit your home best.

Affordable Access: $

RAM’s Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) is an indoor and outdoor accessibility device perfect for any home. This whisper-quiet machine does not use hydraulics that tend to produce harsh smells, nor is it laborious to install. Once again, this one requires no pit for setup. This compact machine actually uses soft-touch paddles that require constant pressure to move, making it a lift and not an elevator. Regardless, the VPL comes with many weather resistant features perfect for any home looking for indoor or outdoor accessibility.

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