Preserve Your Home While Adding Accessibility with RAM Pitless Home Elevators

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Lifts, Elevators

If you’ve been considering adding an elevator or lift to your home, you’ve probably seen that many of them require pits to be excavated during the installation process. There are countless reasons why a homeowner wouldn’t want a pit, ranging from destroying existing flooring to dramatically altering your home’s layout; even concerns about affecting the foundation of your property may play a role in your decision.

Thankfully for consumers, modern advances in elevator design have made pits a thing of the past. Pitless elevators provide the same easy, convenient accessibility as their traditional counterparts without the hassle of excavation. RAM’s home elevator products all feature a compact, pitless, machine room-less (MRL), low-overhead Smart Space Design that saves space, time, and money in both installation and throughout their life cycle. Read on to discover the benefits of RAM’s pitless elevators below.

Add Mobility Without Sacrificing Your Space

The last thing any homeowner wants is to dramatically alter their floorplan to accommodate an elevator. However, many homes simply weren’t designed with mobility features in mind. This is especially true with older homes; it can be nearly impossible to find room for a bulky traditional elevator (not to mention a machine room for older elevator designs). Even in newer homes, certain features such as radiant floor heating, unique flooring materials, structural limitations, and more can make installing a traditional elevator a near-impossible task.

Modern pitless elevator designs provide simple, elegant solutions to these and other installation challenges. Pitless, machine room-less home elevators simply take up less space, minimizing disruption to your home’s layout. When combined with a low-overhead design (such as those used in RAM’s line of residential home mobility products), a pitless elevator can easily integrate into nearly any existing home.

Minimize Installation Costs

When purchasing a home elevator, homeowners need to factor installation and potential renovations into the cost of their product. Excavating a pit to accommodate a traditional home elevator can be one of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of the renovation process; in addition to time and money, many home elevator installations result in portions of your home becoming inaccessible for days or weeks, or even months!

Since pitless elevators require little to no excavation, they are much faster and easier to install than most traditional home elevator designs. Less construction, fewer expenses, and less time without access to portions of your house are all tangible benefits that make pitless elevators the ideal option for most homes and homeowners.

Pitless Home Elevators with RAM

RAM proudly offers a complete range of residential home elevators engineered to elevate your quality of life. Our pitless (with 3″ ramp) and 3″ maximum pitted elevators boast revolutionary low-profile designs that save homeowners space, time, and money on installation. Along with the rest of RAM’s exclusive Smart Space Design features, our elevators are compact enough to fit into nearly any home, all without sacrificing performance or reliability. Our proprietary electric drive system provides reliable, whisper-quiet power without the maintenance, costs, and inconvenience found with many other drive systems, while self-lubricating polymer guides keep your ride smooth and quiet for life.

Whether you’re seeking valuecomfort, or luxury in your home mobility solutions, RAM offers reliable, easy-to-install pitless home elevators perfect for both new and existing homes. Our products deliver innovative engineering, performance, and peace of mind for customers across North America.


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