Redefining Accessible Excellence: RAM’s Vertical Platform Lifts

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

At RAM Elevator + Lifts, we have spent over 30 years redefining what it means to provide accessibility at an affordable price for Canadians. RAM’s Vertical Platform Lifts stand out from competitors by our leading-edge quality and dependability, all thanks to the RAM Advantage that prioritizes and guarantees compact convenience, systematic edge, energy efficiency and superior reliability.

RAM Values

The first RAM vertical lift was created in 1987 by Richard Meunier in his father’s garage. As a fresh engineering graduate, Meunier dreamed of creating an accessible future where everyone can reach their full potential, regardless of the world’s physical barriers. Over 35 years later, RAM maintains Richard’s creative passion, innovative design, precision skill and unwavering dedication to creating an accessible world, one lift & elevator at a time.

Our products are made to provide accessible living with superior quality at an affordable price tag. RAM’s team of expert engineers constantly works on technological advancement and product design, presented with simplicity and flexible functionality. RAM products live at the nexus of function and aesthetics for barrier-free, independent living.

VPL Key Features

The simple goal of progress has allowed us to build an impressive product that reflects our company’s core values. We believe in maintaining safety, reliability, constant innovation, flexibility, and simplicity. RAM Vertical Platform Lifts are sophisticated devices that exhibit all of those values with the following key features:

Zero-Load Start Design

All RAM vertical platform lifts have a patented zero-load start design, which protects the lift motor during the ever-changing Edmonton weather conditions. The motor’s reliability is designed to withstand extreme temperature shifts and will start up immediately in any weather.

Soft Touch Paddle

RAM’s patented Soft Touch Paddle controls are oversized, responsive and easy to use. Every aspect of RAM products is designed intentionally to provide accessible, easy-to-use equipment for anyone to use.

Total Customization

Accessible mobility should not come at the expense of aesthetics, and RAM provides endless customization options for commercial and residential lifts. Clients love the ability to customize the colours, trim, doors and gates, handrails, and more. As long as it’s up to code, we can do it. Functional modifications are also available, like accommodating a 3-stop system or an irregular platform shape.

Soft Start/Stop

RAM lifts are fluid, quiet and reliable, with a soft start/stop system. Our platforms are comprised of three simple parts that are assembled swiftly with minimum site preparation. The requirements are simple: a concrete pad and a wall anchor to keep the lift sturdy.

All-Electric Drive System

Long gone are the days of requiring a hydraulic system that uses harsh-smelling fluids. RAM’s proprietary Electric Drive System is whisper-quiet, powerful and reliable for a lifetime.

Machine-Room Less (MRL) Design

Traditional elevator systems require an additional room for essential machinery and equipment above the elevator. RAM’s self-contained and compact products save our clients space, money, and time.

No Pit Required

There is no need for excavation when installing a RAM vertical platform lift on the ground floor. Our clever engineers have circumvented the need for a pit by creating a 3-inch platform and ramp for the lift to sit on.

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RAM has proudly made unparalleled advancements in product design, flexibility and simplicity in the more than 30 years we have been in business. Our vertical platform lifts and elevators exist at the apex of function and aesthetics, allowing barrier-free living and user independence.

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