Residential Lifts for Aging in Place in Texas

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Lifts, Elevators

Aging in place is an increasingly popular move for people in Texas approaching retirement. When it comes to deciding on what your future will look like at any stage of life, individuals can become stressed at the thought of moving. This anxiety is especially true for older couples thinking about retirement. Aging in place is an excellent choice for Texans who have sentimental attachment to their home or who are in an aging-friendly neighborhood. RAM Elevators + Lifts works with those looking to age in place to create a residential lift that gives them back full access to their home. Are you looking to age in place? Continue reading to learn how a residential lift can benefit you.

Why Age in Place

It can be hard to enter a new stage of life without any of the familiar people or places around you. Choosing to age in place in your Texas home may be beneficial for you if you have built a community around your home that you do not wish to lose. Deciding to make accessible modifications to your home instead of moving means that the person or persons will preserve their independence while maintaining an established community.

Accessibility Meets Aesthetics

Residential lifts and other accessibility developments offer people the choice to stay put rather than move. RAM Elevators + Lifts has installed Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs) in many homes to help Texans transition into a new age without hassle and stress. This residential lift is designed for the people of Texas who are looking to age in place. Oversized soft-touch paddles make using the VPL easier to navigate, and its all-electric drive system makes for a soft ride that won’t produce harsh odours. We create each residential lift to arrive in three parts for easy assembly without much site preparation needed.

RAM residential lifts can be installed both inside and outside. Each VPL platform can contain a wheelchair with spare room for another person, and can be modified to have the entry and exit points that make the most sense for your property. Best of all, our residential lifts can look visually different from person to person due to the customizable features. RAM makes your VPL both functional and beautiful with endless combinations of interior finishes. In the past, we have made everything from bold VPLs that catch the eye to discreet VPLs that blend in with their surroundings.

Trust RAM Elevators + Lifts

RAM Elevators + Lifts works with clients all over Texas looking for aging-in-place solutions. The decision to age in place is never one made lightly, and accommodations must be made to ensure that individuals have full and safe access to their homes. If you or a loved one is looking to age in place, message us to get a quote specific to your situation. Or, if you need more information, contact us today, and we will do our best to answer them all in a timely fashion. We look forward to working with you in making your future an accessible one!


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