Save Money on Your Residential Home Elevator/Lift by Choosing RAM

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Lifts, Elevators

Although accessibility is the most important thing when looking for a home elevating device, affordability is also crucial. With our RAM home elevators and lifts, we make sure to give you the most affordable option on the market.

We also work to provide you with long-term money-saving opportunities and eventually money-added value. Take a look below to see how we use our cost-saving strategy to make sure you get a high-quality elevating device at a low cost.

Affordable Options

RAM Elevators + Lifts offers a range of different products for you to consider based on your needs. All of our elevators and lifts are affordable and competitively priced. From our residential Trus-T-Lift, which is our most affordable option, to our Stratus elevators, and finally, our luxurious Crystal Series elevators, our range of elevators and lifts give you options for every budget.

Our Trus-T-Lift is our most affordable mobility device that gives your the freedom to add your style. This lift comes at a low price and gives riders a smooth and comfortable experience. This product represents our commitment to easy accessibility without the compromise of aesthetics.

With the Trus-T-Lift home elevating device, you get mobility you can trust and the quality you can feel at an affordable price.

Value-Adding Integration

RAM’s elevators and lifts are engineered with Smart Space Design to integrate perfectly into your home. Smart Space Design also allows for pitless/limited pit, machine-room less (MRL) and compact design that works well for all spaces. Whether it’s a retrofit or a new house, this unique design feature prioritizes seamless integration to give your home an elegant addition that compliments your vision. With your home’s beautiful elevator or lift, you get a value-added bonus by increasing your property’s mobility and beauty.

You deserve to make money on your purchase, and with our elevators and lifts, you get to enjoy a well-deserved bonus if you choose to sell your home in the future.

Four-Level Cost-Saving Strategy

We offer you a four-level cost-saving strategy and help to save money after you purchase after purchase. The strategy helps to keep money in your pocket every step of the way. We save you money on maintenance, installation, construction, and equipment.

Our elevators and lifts not only integrate seamlessly to get you value-added on your home, but they also prioritize fewer installation costs through better site preparation and smart space design.

Our benefits also save you on equipment costs since our elevators do not require additional machinery. Your RAM elevator or lift has essential machinery built into its structure so that you can worry less about equipment fees.

Finally, we save you money on construction by giving you devices that do not require a pit to be dug into your home. Considering the small footprint of RAM’s elevators and lifts, construction is quick and easy. You get to enjoy your elevating device and save on costly and disruptive construction.


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