Think All LULA Elevators Are the Same? Think Again!

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Lifts, Elevators

Limited Use/Limited Access (LULA) elevators are important accessibility features found in many commercial properties across North America. With their performance and other specifications heavily regulated by ASME 18.1 (United States) and CSA B44 (Canada), property owners know that they’re getting a mobility solution they can depend on when they invest in a LULA elevator.

However, it would be a mistake to think that all LULAs are the same. Although applicable codes may regulate capacity, speed, and travel distances, manufacturers still have the freedom to design their elevators to meet their customers’ unique needs. When choosing a LULA for your property, you need to ensure it has features and quality you and your tenants can depend on.

RAM Elevators + Lifts has engineered and manufactured industry-leading mobility products for residential and commercial applications across North America for the last three decades. Today, our Traction LULA Elevators provide practical solutions for lowrise commercial accessibility, offering reliable performance and unbeatable value. Learn more about our Traction LULA Elevators below.

Total Compliance

As noted above, LULAs have highly regulated performance capabilities set out by ASME and CSA standards. However, certain jurisdictions may have additional requirements that other manufacturers may or may not be able to accommodate.

RAM Traction LULA Elevators are 100% compliant with all ASME and CSA standards and can be built to meet any additional requirements in your jurisdiction. Manufactured in-house in Alberta, Canada, our LULA elevators can be configured and customized to provide mobility solutions that meet your building’s unique needs while offering your patrons a safe, enjoyable ride.

Unrivalled Performance

Although every LULA’s performance specs are highly regulated, a wide range of quality is available in today’s marketplace. The right LULA for your property will provide not only easy, convenient mobility today, but also deliver exceptional long-term value through reliable performance.

RAM’s Traction LULA Elevators feature a proprietary overhead All-Electric Drive System, a unique space-saving Machine-Room-Less design, self-lubricating components, and superior craftsmanship and build quality throughout. Our LULA elevators are built for exceptional durability and reliability in the most demanding applications.

Lifetime Value

LULAs only require maintenance at predefined intervals (varying by jurisdiction, typically once or twice a year), whereas most traditional commercial elevators require monthly maintenance for safe operation. For these reasons, many building owners view LULAs as sound long-term investments into their properties.

While all LULAs offer these benefits for property owners, only RAM provides unbeatable value through industry-leading design. Our LULA elevators require only a 12″ pit (among the smallest available today) and no machine room, saving you on installation costs and building renovations. Finally, our electric drive system provides industry-leading reliability, while our self-lubricating guide system provides whisper-quiet, hassle-free performance that stands the test of time.


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