Ultimate Mobility with RAM Residential Trus-T-Lifts

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Lifts

Residential lifts are becoming more and more of a necessity within any household. Families focus more on accessorizing their homes to fulfill every member’s needs. Installing residential Trus-T-Lifts provides essential mobility to your home, making your day-to-day life more accessible, safer and exceedingly more efficient. Residential Trus-T-Lifts provide maximum mobility within and outside your home at an affordable price.

Mobility is Imperative

Throughout the years, indoor lifts have increased in demand due to several reasons:

  • Sudden health change with a family member
  • Limited mobility within the household
  • Damaged/tiresome stairs
  • Catering to a wider variety of accessibility needs

Home mobility lifts are usually correlated with exuberant expenses, lengthy renovations, tearing down walls and completely rebuilding from scratch to accommodate the lift. However, RAM’s custom-engineered Residential Trus-T-Lifts offers all the support one might need with limited dexterity, easy installation, minimum space requirements, and an affordable budget.

It is well known that with lifts, heavy construction is required. However, the RAM Trus-T-Lift is meticulously engineered to create a pitless lift. With 30 years of experience, RAM Elevators + Lifts is able to install a pitless, soundless and affordable lift seamlessly with as little as a few hours. Ask about our Short Rise 28” and 52″ TTL models and install your residential lift in a day! RAM Elevators + Lifts designs residential Trus-T-Lifts to provide mobility at a budget-friendly price, without taking space or spending days on lengthy construction times. Sounds impossible? Get a quote today!

Installation Is A Breeze

Outdoor accessibility can cause havoc with delivery and installment. Our Trus-T-Lift can be constructed outside, with minimal footprint and suitable size. The Residential Trust-T-Lifts are also built to take up to 750 lbs and rise between 2 ft – 14ft in extreme weather. Snow, rain and wind hinder one’s mobility greatly, especially a person with a disability; you can trust our lift to take you up during all-weather, safely.

Coming together in only three simple parts, Trus-T-Lifts can be constructed quickly with minimum site preparation. They also run on an all-electric drive system and do not require any hydraulic fluids; harsh smells are therefore non-existent.

Long Term Longevity

The hassle of yearly maintenance is not an issue you need to worry about with RAM Elevators + Lifts. Our lifts are well equipped and thoroughly tested to last long without regular maintenance. RAM Elevators + Lifts has more than years of experience in North America, with our headquarters based in Edmonton, Alberta. We proudly service the Albertan Market and work hard to be the best in our industry.


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