Why People Choose RAM Elevators + Lifts for Their Home Mobility Needs

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

RAM Elevators + Lifts has spent the last 30+ years developing accessible and affordable mobility solutions for people with disabilities. In the last three years, we have noticed a societal shift in how people think about their homes. With everyone spending more time in their homes, there’s been a marked increase in the desire to age in place with as much independence as possible.

Your home should grow with you over the years and reflect the changes your family goes through. When a member of your household’s mobility starts to decline, investing in modifications like a home elevator or lift is incredibly important. RAM Elevators + Lifts is an industry leader in North America for accessible mobility solutions in residential and commercial buildings.

Keep reading to learn more about RAM’s home elevators and how they can improve your quality of life.

RAM’s Industry Leading Technological Advancements

As a North American elevation industry leader, RAM has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in advancing accessibility. RAM’s engineers use an advanced self-lubricating polymer. The polymer coats the guiding surfaces for a smooth, reliable, whisper-quiet ride, effectively removing the need for grease.

Not only are electric-powered elevators more efficient than the traditional hydraulic systems, they are also more environmentally friendly. Instead of the grease and harsh-smelling hydraulic fluids required for reliable hydraulic operation, RAM’s self-lubricating polymer lasts much longer and requires minimal maintenance.

Finding the Right Elevator For Your Home

In RAM’s impressive suite of products, we carry two types of residential elevators. The Residential Stratus elevator is our cost-effective solution that beautifully marries value and performance. The Stratus comes in three standard-format sizes and is designed to fit within two-storey homes. If you are looking for an elevator that is mostly utilitarian, the Stratus will more than meet your needs.

However, if you are looking for a home elevator that is equally a utility and a feature of the home, consider RAM’s Residential Crystal elevator. This beautiful elevator is entirely customizable from floor to ceiling, with call buttons and siding; clients can design their dream elevator to exact their specifications. The only limit to the Crystal is your imagination!

Key Features of RAM Elevators

The RAM Advantage (RA) is an essential feature in all RAM products; much like a maker’s mark, it is an assurance of quality. Every RAM elevator is powered by a field-proven All-Electric Drive System that is reliable, powerful and whisper-quiet, without harsh-smelling hydraulic fluids. Thanks to the advanced engineered polymers on all gliding surfaces, RAM has removed the need for grease to keep the ride smooth and quiet.

All elevators include features designed for rider convenience, like the automatic call buttons and the soft start/stop to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Customers can choose between executively tailored finishes with multiple interior choices and door styles to seamlessly complement the home.

RAM’s most cost-effective feature is the Machine-Room Less (MRL) design, where most other elevators require a separate room for essential machinery. All RAM elevators are self-contained and compact, saving users space, time and money.

Trust RAM for Accessible Home Elevators

Circumstances can change in an instant. Having immediate access to accessible mobility solutions within your home is crucial to maintaining quality of life and independence. The team at RAM Elevators + Lifts understands how time-sensitive installing home elevators can be— especially within two-storey homes!

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