Several factors come into play when it comes to installing a commercial lift. As a contractor, architect or building owner, you factor in the cost, time and size of a mobility lift or elevator to ensure a seamless installation. More often than not, you have a certain budget limiting your commercial lift choices. With RAM Elevators + Lifts, you don’t have to sacrifice function for price. Our goal is to ensure you get a fully functional lift that fulfills your requirements while maintaining the budget in mind. With RAM, you no longer have to compromise accessibility for price. Here is why you should consider RAM for your next commercial project.


The price of the lift is not the only cost you will be considering. You will also be examining the cost of installation, construction and equipment. Most elevator + lift providers price each stage separately, leaving you with a high operational bill at the end of the day. At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we make sure to include the installation, construction AND equipment in the final price; you will not have to pay any additional costs than the initial agreed-upon quote.

The reason why we do not have any additional costs for your commercial lift is because of our Smart Space Design engineering. All our commercial elevators ensure that you are not taking on unnecessary construction expenses. We make sure to install your commercial lift seamlessly, with a low footprint and no excavations required.


Unlike many commercial lifts, RAM lifts are designed to save you both money and space. Our engineers aim to reduce site preparation as much as possible during the installation process. With RAM Elevators + Lifts, you can request the size of the car you need for your space. You also get the added benefit of the following features, which also ensures a compact design for your commercial lift:

  • Machine-Room Less (MRL) Design

RAM lifts do not require a separate room for essential machinery

  • Low Overhead Clearance Requirements

All the equipment is mounted on top to fit a standard 96” top-floor ceiling height

  • Limited/ No Pit Required

No expensive excavation required. Choose a pitless build with a 2” ramp or a 2” pit.


Our products are designed to provide your building with a lifetime of reliability and low maintenance costs. Our Smart Space Design and All-Electric Drive System provide you with hassle-free and minimal upkeep throughout the years. When you do require routine maintenance, our trusted dealer partners are available to provide the necessary professional services anywhere in North America. 

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