How Much Do Commercial Elevators & Lifts Cost? It May Be Less Than You Think

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Lifts, Elevators

As a contractor, building owner, or architect, you only have a certain amount in your budget to make sure your building is accessible. With RAM Elevators + Lifts, we take that pressure off of your shoulders by making sure you get the most cost-efficient option that fulfills your requirements. We also ensure a well-integrated elevator or lift that compliments your building’s style and expert vision for your building.

Why compromise on a refined, accessible building when you can have the perfect mobility option at the perfect price? Here’s how we make our elevators and lifts work for you.

Great Price

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we make sure that you get a cost-efficient elevating device that works for your budget. We give you the best in pricing by focusing on four cost-saving solutions.

First, we make sure you save the most in maintenance costs. Low maintenance costs mean that you save money long-term by skipping high operational bills. A fully counterbalanced traction drive provides industry-leading power while consuming 50% less electricity for elevating devices like the Crystal. This cuts operating and maintenance costs for your commercial building in half. With RAM Elevators + Lifts, not only do you pay less upfront, but you save money for years to come. We make sure that our elevators and lifts work to cut your operational costs so you can use that money on more important expenses.

Our second tier is low construction costs. At this level, our Smart Space Design ensures that you are not taking on construction expenses that are unnecessary and can increase the cost of modifications required to accommodate the elevator. Our elevators and lifts are engineered to fit into your vision for your space without expensive renovations. With our selections of pit-less or limited pit elevators and lifts, you have the option of skipping costly building excavations to accommodate your elevating device. Our elevators and lifts are ideal for both existing and new buildings. Our elevators and lifts can do the job without burdening you with heavy construction costs.

Next is our low installation cost, which saves you from footing major and unnecessary installation expenses. For several of our elevators and lifts, we make sure that installation is seamless. With their low footprint, RAM’s elevators and lifts become a part of your building without having to take apart the building at all. Just take a look at our Trust-T-Lift. With its simple installation and its compact size, it is a great solution for indoor or outdoor commercial use. It’s all a part of our commitment to Smart Space Design.

Finally, we have low equipment costs. Designing or owning a building means you have a lot on your plate already. Take the burden of high equipment costs off of your mind. For all of RAM’s elevating devices, you don’t need to have the burden of accommodating bulky machinery.

With our devices, you can skip the hassle of installing a machine room and worrying about installing secure locks and a fire-rated door for this space. Instead, our elevating devices are machine room less, which means that they can work independently and get the job done efficiently.

With our four-tier cost-saving process, we make sure that our elevators and lifts give your building the accessibility it needs while also keeping in mind your budget and your vision. Our elevators follow all code regulations strictly. Our 30+ years of operation means you can trust us to install your elevator or lift professionally and on time.


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