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by | Aug 10, 2022 | Elevators

Looking to install a low-rise residential elevator that compliments your home’s aesthetic and suits your architectural design? Look no further! With RAM Elevators + Lifts, your options are limitless. We have collaborated with some of the top designers in North America to design and manufacture sophisticated, elegant and luxurious home elevators. Read on to learn more about our Crystal Series and how you can add a luxurious residential elevator that reflects your personality and elevates your home.

Customize As You Go

What happens when you decide to install a residential elevator after you have finally built your dream home? You’ve spent endless of hours trying to perfect every inch of your home, designing the smallest details and carefully selecting the patterns that best suit your personality. Are you willing to sacrifice your home’s aesthetic and design by installing a standard, off-the-shelf home elevator? Dream homes are not built overnight, and neither are RAM’s Crystal elevators.

Every Crystal is fully customizable to compliment your style and suit your taste. Why install a basic metal box that completely ruins the aesthetics of your home when you can design your own personalized home elevator? You even get to choose the style you want, including:

  • The material and design of the door
  • The size of the elevator
  • The brightness of the lighting
  • The colour and finishes of the car
  • And much more!

With RAM’s Crystal elevators, you have complete control and design freedom over your home elevator.

Protect Your Space

When homeowners consider installing a residential elevator after building their home, their number one concern is construction. No one wants to undergo extensive construction after finally completing their home, especially when said construction can sometimes destroy their vision of their dream home. RAM Elevators + Lifts allows customers to fully customize their home elevator without compromising their existing space.

We have engineered our Crystal elevator with Smart Space Design in mind to provide customers with minimal construction. You no longer need to create space for your elevator and machinery, as our home elevators are machine room-less (MRL). All the essential machinery required to operate the Crystal is mounted directly to the top of a rigid guide-rail frame, eliminating the need for a separate machine room and fitting into a standard 96” top-floor ceiling height. You can now easily install the elevator of your choice without worrying about creating unnecessary space that alters the perfect design of your home.

Smooth and Comfortable Ride

Hydraulic elevators, for example, operate using heavy machinery and require hydraulic fluid to ensure a smooth operation; however, nothing ruins the aesthetics of your home like a whirring sound or an unpleasant fluid smell every time you use your elevator. The Crystal elevator is designed with RAM’s exclusive electric drive system, eliminating the need to use any fluid or heavy machinery. The self-lubricating polymer-coated guiding components are engineered to offer you a reliable ride without the need for harsh fluids or loud machinery. You can now enjoy a whisper-quiet ride that provides reliability and accessibility.

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