Smart Space Design For Any Space

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Lifts, Elevators

Sacrificing space for a home elevator is a thing of the past. With RAM Elevators + Lifts engineered Smart Space Design, you no longer have to compromise space for functionality. Our home elevators are designed to be installed in any space, big or small, and offer reliable and safe mobility solutions. Keep reading to learn more about your Smart Space Design and the variety of compact elevators for your home.

RAM Features

All our elevators have the following features:

  • Machine-Room Less (MRL) Design
  • Low Overhead Clearance
  • Limited or No Pit Required
  • Soft Start/ Stop
  • All Electric Drive System

Machine-Room Less (MRL) Design

Unlike most home elevators, RAM Elevators + Lifts do not need a separate room for essential machinery. All our elevators are self-contained and compact. This feature enables you to install a home elevator without worrying about space, time and money. Your home elevator can finally be installed anywhere you like.

Limited or No Pit Required

Lengthy excavation and money-consuming construction are not required with RAM home elevators. You can choose a pitless build with a 3” ramp or a 3” pit for flush access. RAM Elevators + Lifts have engineered limited/ no pit required to suit any space. Whether you have room for a pit or not, we can seamlessly install your elevator in your home with ease.

Soft Start/Stop

Every ride on a RAM home elevator ensures comfort throughout the ride. All our elevators are equipped with a smooth traction system, allowing soft start and stop features.

All Electric Drive System

Home elevators are known to be loud, massive mechanical devices. However, RAM Elevators + Lifts are whisper-quiet, compact, all-electric drive systems. This feature not only offers a quiet ride within the household, but it also offers a robust and reliable ride as with all our home elevators.

Available Options For Everyone

Not only does RAM Elevators + Lifts design exceptionally engineered elevators and lifts made to fit in the smallest spaces, but we also offer a variety of designs for your needs.

Our Trus-T-Lift is designed to provide full accessibility for your home. The Trus-T-Lift can also be installed indoors and outdoors. It is an easy-to-install device for all homes, compact in size and powerful in performance. More mobility features of the Trus-T-Lift can be found here.

The Stratus Series is the perfect balance of comfort and style. It is built to fit in any space and offers customizable options that reflect your home’s unique aesthetic— uncompromising value with RAM Stratus home elevators.

For a more luxurious small space option, the Crystal home elevator is the choice for you. With the Crystal series, you have the ability to customize your home elevator to your personalized style fully. This innovation is just the right touch of luxury, elegance and comfort altogether. Elevate your expectations with RAM commercial Crystal lifts.

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