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by | Jan 31, 2023 | Elevators

When picturing a home elevator, people often envision a luxurious, multi-story elevator built in a massive mansion that transports passengers through their Hollywood-worthy home. While these elevators do exist, they aren’t the only home elevators in the market. Many home elevators provide homeowners with the necessary functionality at a valuable cost. Not all homeowners install elevators for luxury; many install a home elevator to allow passengers with limited dexterity to retain their independence and help family members easily move freely in their homes. Read on to explore the top 3 reasons to get a home elevator installed today!

First Reason: Increase Accessibility

If you or a family member in your household has experienced an unfortunate and sudden event where they can no longer move around independently, a home elevator can help make their life much easier. One of the most significant benefits of a home elevator is the independence it provides to passengers with limited mobility. Members of the family who can no longer take the stairs find themselves confined to one floor and struggling to move around freely. A home elevator will help those using a mobility aid, be that a wheelchair, a cane, crutches or a scooter, move independently throughout their home and gain the freedom to roam around. A home elevator is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a mobility solution that will provide you and your family with independence and safe accessibility.

Second Reason: Invest In Your Property

Your home is a financial asset that you might want to sell someday. Investing in your home is a sure method to increase your property value. Making changes to your property, like adding a home elevator, will make your home more attractive to potential buyers and eventually increase your selling price. Whether you decide to add an indoor home elevator or an outdoor home lift, you are making your home more attractive to a wider range of buyers. Many buyers are in the market for a home that is built with mobility in mind and view home elevators as a valuable asset. Even if homebuyers don’t require a mobility device right now, they could be looking for an accessibility feature for future retirement. By installing a home elevator, buyers will be interested in your home, which will help increase your property’s value.

Third Reason: Age In Place

While some homeowners may be looking at selling their homes, others might be interested in growing old in the dream home they’ve built. Building a forever home is becoming more popular for many individuals as they see themselves having a big family house for many generations. A home elevator will help homeowners age in place, accommodate visitors with limited mobility, and even provide an option when life events make stairs temporarily difficult. The convenience of a home elevator will allow you and your future family to easily and happily age in place.

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