Questions To Ask Your Dealer Before Buying A Porch Lift! (Part.1)

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Lifts

If you’re looking for a way to make your home more accessible, then you’ve probably come across a porch lift, also known as a vertical platform lift. (If you’re still unsure whether a porch lift or a ramp is better for your home, check out our previous blog!) Since porch lifts are becoming increasingly popular in the market and dealers offer various options, which one would be best for your needs? Ask your dealer the following questions to determine which porch lift is right for you!

Where Is The Porch Lift Manufactured?

As we all know, there are many companies that manufacture porch lifts at a competitive price point, but how long will it take to deliver and install your porch lift? If you’re buying from a company that manufactures porch lifts outside of North America, you are more likely going to experience shipping and logistics delays. Buying a porch lift from a company overseas can also cause frustration when looking for parts for your porch lift. Suppose something broke down or needed replacement after many years of use; you are more than likely to experience delays and high shipping costs as the company ships the parts you need overseas.

When buying a porch lift to increase accessibility, you’re purchasing a necessary mobility device that needs to be available and quick to fix, which is why it’s always best to stick to a manufacturer that is based in North America. For instance, RAM Elevators + Lifts not only manufacture their porch lifts in North America, but they also have more than 150 dealers in almost every state in the US and similarly in Canada. So if you’re looking for a porch lift that is manufactured in North America and can be quickly and easily repaired if need be, our vast network of experienced dealers will be able to help you right away!

How Long Does It Take To Be Delivered and Installed?

Now that you’ve established the country of manufacturing, you should inquire about the delivery and installation time frame. Each manufacturer will have different lead times as they curate every product according to the client’s needs. RAM Elevators + Lifts, on the other hand, have porch lifts that are ready to be delivered, installed and ready to operate in 2 – 4 weeks. For porch lifts that are less than 52 inches, RAM Elevators + Lifts usually deliver the porch lift in 2-3 weeks. Once they’re delivered, our experienced dealers are able to install the lift within 1-2 days as long as the site is prepped and ready. For porch lifts taller than 52 inches, delivery time can vary from 2 weeks – 4 weeks, and installation can take 3 – 4 days after the site is prepped.

Does It Require Site Preparation? If Yes, What Are They?

Site preparation can either entail heavy construction, costly renovation and lengthy excavation or a simple concrete pad, mounting wall and a dedicated power outlet. Most homeowners would prefer the latter as they wouldn’t want to exceed their budget by spending money on renovations to create additional space for the porch lift. When purchasing a RAM porch lift, we guarantee minimal site preparation as all it needs for operation is a concrete 5ft X 5ft pad, a mounting wall, and a 15 amp, 110V dedicated circuit that’s no more than 8 feet away.

Haven’t Found The Perfect Porch Lift Yet?

Check out part two of our blog, where we highlight more questions you should ask your dealer before buying a porch lift. You can also check out RAM’s reliable and affordable Trus-T-Lift or contact us for more information!


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