Questions To Ask Your Dealer Before Buying A Porch Lift! (Part.2)

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Lifts

In part 1 of our blog on “Questions To Ask Your Dealer Before Buying A Porch Lift,” we explored a few questions that will help you determine which porch lift is best for your needs. We continue our questions below to ensure that you find a porch lift perfectly suited for your needs.

Does It Have A Backup In case Of Power Outages?

No one likes to get stuck on a lift during an emergency, so it’s essential to ask about backup in case of a power outage. RAM’s porch lift is equipped with a standard emergency manual crank and a battery backup for controls and car lighting that allow passengers to safely exit the lift during an emergency. We also offer homeowners the option to add an additional tier of emergency auxiliary power that provides up to 40 full-load emergency cycles that fully run the lift during any emergency.

Does It Require Frequent Maintenance?

Most homeowners forget to factor in the cost of maintenance and repairs when purchasing a new porch lift. Some home lifts and elevators require frequent maintenance and repairs as they operate using hydraulic fluids that often leak and need regular maintenance. Other lifts, such as RAM’s Trus-T-Lift, is a porch lift that requires minimal maintenance as it operates using our proprietary all-electric drive system and requires maintenance once or maybe twice a year. Unlike other lifts and elevators that require a separate machine room for their essential machinery, the all-electric drive system is also mounted on top of the lift, which reduces the likelihood of repairs or maintenance due to flood or water damage.

Is It Weather-Proof?

If you’re living in North America, you are no stranger to the range of weather conditions across the continent. Whether you live in a coastal city with frequent floods and heavy rain or you’re living in an area that experiences extreme cold conditions of -35ºC and below, you should be looking for a porch lift that can withstand extreme weather changes and provide you with a safe ride all year round. RAM’s Trus-T-Lift is designed with our zero-load start design that protects the porch lift’s motor during extreme heat and cold weather and immediately starts the lift in any conditions. As mentioned before, all necessary electric machinery is mounted on top of the lift to avoid any water damages from floods or heavy rain, where passengers can send the lift to the top floor to ensure that no water seeps through.

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