Wheelchair Lifts for Any Home and Any Situation

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

Wheelchairs are a part of many people’s lives, yet unfortunately, homes are often not built with accessibility in mind. When these two clash, RAM Elevators + Lifts installs wheelchair lifts in any home that needs them. Our Vertical Platform Lift gives its users full access to their homes once more while providing safe and reliable transport. At RAM, we aim to complete any wheelchair lift installation as soon as possible, often only taking a few weeks for construction to make your home ready for easier navigation. If you are in need of a wheelchair lift but are not sure where to turn, keep reading to learn about RAM’s wheelchair lifts and what they can do for you.

RAM’s Vertical Platform Lift Features

Wheelchair lifts should, at the fundamental level, be safe for users. RAM Elevators + Lifts values safety for our users above everything else, designing Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs) specifically for a safe and comfortable ride from floor to floor. Built for private residences, the VPL can be installed indoors or outdoors and will not be compromised by rain, snow, heat, or other weather conditions. The durable design of the wheelchair lift includes a zero-load start design that allows the lift to start even in extreme cold and heat. With soft-touch oversized paddles, the wheelchair lift is easy to use for all and will comfortably seat a wheelchair with extra room. But when it comes to basic accessibility, we believe that this safe accessibility should not come at the cost of sacrificing the aesthetics of your home. Work with RAM to craft the wheelchair design that works best for you, whether that means creating a statement piece or matching the wheelchair lift’s surroundings for camouflage.

Accessibility for All

Since 1987, RAM has been creating functional accessibility that adapts to any aesthetic or style for any and all clients. Our wheelchair lifts are no exception. When you work with RAM to produce transport solutions for your home, we listen. Your convenience is our duty, and we will do anything necessary to ensure you have access to every area of your home with our wheelchair lifts. VPLs can help anyone overcome mobility issues that come with age, disability, and more. Creating a more accessible city through residential and commercial elevators and lifts is the goal we are working towards. And for over thirty-five years, we have been striving to meet this goal while making luxury wheelchair lifts. No matter where you are located, RAM wants to help you navigate your home.

Work with RAM Today

Wheelchair lifts are the best alternative to ramps, which can be space-consuming and can adversely affect your home’s aesthetic. Instead, RAM offers luxury wheelchair lifts. With many customizability options, RAM wheelchair lifts will make your life easier while maintaining your style. Request a quote from our team or ask us any questions you still have before purchasing a wheelchair lift. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and together, we can begin the process of making your home functional for you.


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