Vertical Platform Lift or Ramp For Home Entrance?

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Lifts

Is using a ramp to access your home or a vertical platform lift better? RAM Elevators + Lifts offers high-quality lifts that are perfect for making your home accessible. We make our process easy for our clients by coming to you for the consultation and installing the equipment in a reasonable time frame. Should you be choosing a vertical platform lift over a traditional ramp? Keep reading to see the benefits of choosing a RAM vertical platform lift.

Saving Space with VPLs

The difference in shape and size between wheelchair ramps and vertical platform lifts (VPLs) is pretty drastic. For every inch a ramp raises, it must take one foot to raise that one inch. This means that a 52-inch lift to the door will require a 52-foot ramp. Not everyone has the required space for ramps: a VPL takes up a maximum space of 42 by 60 inches. When choosing a VPL over a ramp, you are choosing barrier-free living without compromising your yard.

Not everyone has the amount of space required to use a ramp, which is why we have designed our vertical platform lifts to suit almost every space. They can endure harsh Canadian and US weather conditions and have a soft start and stop feature to ensure your ride is as smooth as possible.

Easy-to-Use RAM Vertical Platform Lifts

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we understand how mobility issues can affect an individual’s ability to use a ramp. The strength required to move up a ramp is not always manageable for wheelchair users, as mobility issues can extend to all areas of the body. In this case, a vertical platform lift will suit accessibility needs far better as the only mobility required is for one party to put pressure on the Soft Touch Paddles. RAM’s VPLs come with oversized and sensitive paddles to allow ease of use.

In the winter, a ramp is prone to ice buildup, increasing fall risk to users. The user’s risk of slipping on a ramp increases in the rain. With vertical platform lifts you minimize the risk of injury due to weather conditions, as the machines are engineered to start in extreme heat and cold.

Invest in Your Property

Choosing mobility should not mean sacrificing aesthetics. Where ramps are bulky and can take away from your home’s curb appeal, a lift is designed to be discreet in appearance while still increasing the property value.

Investing in a vertical platform lift will increase your home’s value, giving the home accessibility that is harder to find in real estate and opening your home’s sale to a whole new demographic. Or, if you are planning to age in place, a lift is an excellent way to invest in your own quality of life!

Quick Vertical Platform Lift Installs for Any Home

RAM Elevators + Lifts can help you install a vertical platform lift for your home so that you can safely enter and exit your home throughout every season. All of our lifts come with the RAM Advantage, an essential feature for all of our products. Contact us today if you have questions about the RAM Advantage or about how our VPLs can make your home more accessible.


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