5 Reasons to Choose RAM for a Commercial Lift

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Elevators, Lifts

In Edmonton, and in many cities across North America, many commercial spaces are not accessible to people with disabilities who require mobility aids. For the past 30+ years, RAM Elevators + Lifts has been helping businesses become more accessible spaces.

Why should your business invest in a commercial vertical platform lift from RAM? Retail stores, restaurants, cafés, offices, healthcare facilities, schools, train stations, and many other types of businesses benefit from investing in a commercial platform lift. RAM lifts can be tailored to match various professional settings without sacrificing the interior design for functionality.

Adaptable Design

Providing a reliability accessibility solution, whether it be a vertical platform lift or an elevator, will significantly increase your business’s customer demographic.

With a 750 lbs weight capacity and travel distance of 14ft, commercial platform lifts are exceptionally versatile for any business. Whether you’re welcoming people with mobility issues or receiving a massive stock order, RAM lifts make your job easier.

Carefully designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, RAM vertical platform lifts are an easy-to-use accessibility solution that prioritizes rider independence and safety. Additional features include a


The number one factor in any elevating device is safety. We are uncompromising in our attention to detail and are dedicated to creating a safe, reliable elevation product accessible to anyone of any age. At RAM, safety means everythingto us. It is embedded in every product we produce and determines how we install and service our products. Safety is at the very core of our business.


Businesses can customize their vertical platform lifts with custom colours on the trim, handrail, and push button and add additional entrance safety devices. But it doesn’t stop there! Customization is also available to accommodate specific configurations like in-out same side doors, three-stops and/or adding enclosures to meet the client’s unique needs best.

Weather Resistance

A concrete pad and a wall mount are the only preparations required to install a vertical platform lift. Edmonton weather is unpredictable, especially in the winter. Our commercial platform lifts are designed with weather-resistant features that are a safer, more convenient and consistent solution to the typical ramp configuration.

RAM’s commercial platform lift comes together in three simple parts: the tower, base and frame. A RAM team member will install the lift for you, ensuring everything is safely installed, structurally sound and working well.


Inaccessible pricing should not be the limiting factor preventing businesses from having providing an accessible space. RAM is proud to be the most affordable offering in the Edmonton market because of our integrated company structure. By handling all of the manufacturing, wholesale and retail logistics in-house, outsourcing costs don’t weigh us down.

Bottom Line

RAM is proud to create and sell superior quality, high craftsmanship products at an affordable, approachable price. Accessibility is a basic necessity and should not cost an arm and a leg to finance. The ROI of a commercial platform lift is massive because customer traffic will likely increase after installing your vertical platform lift. The clientele will expand and diversify, allowing you to cater to a broader customer base than ever before.

RAM provides the perfect accessibility solution for businesses with limited space and budget. You can request a quote online or contact our sales team today to learn more about installing a commercial platform lift for your business!


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