Affordable Residential Platform Lifts

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Lifts

Are you looking for a cost-effective mobility solution? RAM Elevators + Lifts is here to help! Our line of residential elevators provides you with the freedom and independence you need to move around your home. Learn more about the features and benefits of our residential elevators below!

Affordable Residential Elevators

A general misconception about residential elevators is that they are extremely expensive and require extensive construction and maintenance. While that might be true for some elevators, that is not the case with RAM’s residential product line. We aim to provide homeowners with affordable mobility solutions catered to their needs. Whether you’re looking for a residential indoor elevator or a residential platform lift, RAM Elevators + Lifts offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications for all homes.

Smart Space Design

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we have designed residential elevators that can be installed in any space, big or small, and offer safe and reliable access. With our Smart Space Design, you will no longer have to compromise space for functionality. All our residential elevators incorporate the following RAM features to ensure superior functionality without worrying about space:

  • All Electric Drive Systems
  • Machine Room-Less (MRL) Design
  • Low Overhead Clearance
  • Limited or No Pit Required

With RAM Elevators + Lifts, you can seamlessly integrate a residential elevator indoors and/or outdoors.

Outdoor Residential Lifts

Customers looking for cost-effective mobility alternatives that will help them safely access their homes often favour residential platform lifts. Unlike indoor elevators, residential platform lifts are self-contained cars that have four slides but have an opening on top. Since most residential platform lifts are installed to help people with limited mobility safely access their homes, RAM Elevators + Lifts have designed our Trus-T-Lift residential platform lift to offer riders total independence, even with limited dexterity. The high-sided safety enclosure and non-slip metal platform make the Trus-T-Lift easy and safe to use all year round. Even under the most extreme weather conditions, the Trus-T-Lift keeps riders moving safely and with confidence.

Space Saving Residential Platform Lift

Not only is the Trus-T-Lift affordable, weather resistant and safe to use, but it is also space-efficient! The Trus-T-Lift can be easily installed on your porch whether you have a large space or not. All it needs for operation is a concrete 5ft x 5 ft pad and 15 amp, 110V dedicated circuit no more than 8 feet away. For travel greater than 52in, the Trus-T-Lift will have to be mounted to a wall. Whether you’re looking to access your garage, porch or deck, RAM’s Trus-T-Lift offers you total independence and easy access without sacrificing space.

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