Age in Place with RAM Home Elevators

by | Jun 27, 2021 | Elevators

Every family home is full of memories; it’s perfectly understandable to want to keep those memories alive by staying in your home for as long as you can. However, as you get older, mobility issues may make the idea of aging in place seem more challenging. Adding accessibility features to your home, such as a home elevator, can help overcome these challenges, allowing you to enjoy your family home for as long as possible.

RAM’s range of residential home elevators allows homeowners to age in place while enjoying the freedom to move around their home effortlessly. Read on to learn more about how RAM home elevators can keep you moving with confidence, allowing you to enjoy your home for years to come.

The Perfect Addition to Your Family Home

A common misconception about home elevators is that they require large-scale renovations to fit in older homes. While this may be true for older, outdated home elevator designs, RAM’s innovative products are engineered to preserve your home’s character without sacrificing comfort or performance.

RAM’s Smart Space Design features pitless, machine room-less MRL construction, low overhead, and a small footprint, making them ideal for retrofitting and renovations. Our compact, high-performance elevators require minimal space (and fewer home modifications) than most typical home elevators. With a wide variety of styles, finishes, and accessories available, RAM Elevators + Lifts is ready to help homeowners discover the perfect elevator to complement their home and keep them moving in style.

Reliability for Life

RAM elevators and lifts are engineered to make mobility easy and cost-effective in both the short and long term. That means designing and manufacturing home elevators for unrivalled reliability, low maintenance costs, and a lifetime’s worth of mobility for our customers.

RAM’s proprietary, top-mounted electric drive system offers reliable, whisper-quiet power without the maintenance, costs, and inconvenience of traditional home elevators. Backed by an extensive warranty, RAM’s MRL home elevators require significantly less service and upkeep compared to our competition. The result? A reliable, comfortable ride that delivers value that lasts a lifetime.

The Right Elevator for You

Whether you’re searching for valuecomfort, or luxury in your home elevator, RAM’s comprehensive product range offers solutions suitable for every home, homeowner, and mobility need.

RAM’s Stratus series elevators are available in an array of interior colours, trims, and finishes, allowing your elevator to blend seamlessly into your living space. Our Crystal series offers buyers complete customization for the ultimate in luxury accessibility. All RAM products are available with a complete range of peripherals and accessories to accommodate any mobility requirement.

No matter what you’re looking for in your mobility solution, RAM Elevators + Lifts has everything you need to age in place and continue enjoying your home for as long as you wish.


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