Are Outdoor Home Elevators Safe?

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Elevators, Lifts

Is it safe to install an outdoor home elevator? 

Some homeowners think twice before installing an outdoor home elevator. Many questions arise, such as are home elevators safe for children. Do they have a locking mechanism? What happens to passengers if there’s an electricity outage? Do outdoor home elevators work in extreme weather? All these questions might hold you back from purchasing a mobility device to help you and your family easily and safely access your home. If you’re looking for an outdoor home lift but are worried about its safety, read the following blog to learn more about outdoor home elevators and how RAM Elevators + Lifts have incorporated many safety features in our outdoor home lifts.

Functional All Year Round

Outdoor lifts can be tricky, especially when installed in coastal, flood-prone, extreme heat or extremely cold areas. Passengers might fear getting onto the outdoor lift as they’re worried about their safety during extreme conditions. With our offices based across North America, it is safe to say that we are experts at understanding the risks of running an elevator in extreme weather conditions. Our outdoor Trus-T-Lift is designed to operate safely, even under the most extreme weather conditions. For instance, our Trus-T-Lift is less likely to be damaged in flood-prone areas as all the essential drive components are mounted directly on top of the cars. Homeowners can safely send the lift to the top floor without worrying about water damaging the machinery. Unlike many companies, we have engineered a completely weather-resistant outdoor home lift. You and your family can finally safely access and exit your home, no matter the weather conditions.

Safety During a Power Outage

No one wants to get stuck on an outdoor lift due to a power outage, especially during extreme weather conditions. Our Trus-T-Lift has two levels of lowering options in case of any electrical emergency, including:

  1. An emergency manual crank and a backup battery are installed to lower the elevator and turn on the car’s lighting. (Standard in all products)
  2. A full 40-cycle backup battery is another safety feature that will run the motor for 40 cycles with a full load during an electrical outage. (Optional)

With our many tiers of emergency systems, you can rest assured that you will safely access your home during an electrical outage.

Additional Safety Measures

Our team is more than happy to discuss all your safety concerns and offer you solutions to ease your mind. For example, we all know how curious children can be, so we have added the option of installing a key lock outside the elevator or lift to ensure that it is only accessible when the adult is present. We have also installed phones in many of our lifts and elevators to allow passengers to contact 911 during any emergency. Another safety feature that can be implemented in our elevators and lifts is installing an emergency button that omits a loud alarm sound to notify the neighbouring homes that someone needs assistance in the elevator. At RAM Elevators + Lifts, your safety is our priority, and that is why we work closely with all our customers to ensure that all their safety concerns are addressed.

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