Debunking the Costs of Home Elevators

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Elevators, Lifts

Fifty years ago, home elevators were almost exclusively found in the homes of the rich and famous as a symbol of quiet wealth. Nowadays, residential elevators are more affordable than ever before. RAM Elevators + Lifts has been a major player in the elevator industry for the last 30+ years because of our dedication to engineering affordable mobility solutions for everyone.

But what sets RAM elevators apart from our competitors? Keep reading to learn why RAM is an industry leader for affordable, accessible mobility solutions in North America.

Contemporary Elegance: The Residential Stratus

The Residential Stratus is RAM’s solution to what home elevators can be, providing the user with incredible value without compromise. The Stratus marries top value with high-quality performance without cutting corners and is available in three standard-format sizes that will fit anyone’s home.

Notable features of the Stratus include a max travel distance of 14ft, max weight limit of 800lbs, max travel speed of 20 ft/min and a max platform size of W40″ x L60″. The Stratus can be seamlessly integrated into any two-storey home, making it the perfect choice for homeowners requiring an accessible mobility solution within their new home or retrofit.

Iconic Luxury: The Residential Crystal

If you want a home elevator with incredible performance and one-of-a-kind luxury aesthetics, look no further than RAM’s Residential Crystal elevator. The Crystal is perfectly suited for those looking to invest in a home elevator as a feature of the home and utility.

From travel distance to car interior, the Crystal is entirely customizable and built to excel in many applications. The notable features of the Crystal include a max travel distance of 50ft, a weight limit of 1400 lbs, a travel speed of 50 ft/min, and a max car size of W48″ x L79.

The Deciding Factor: Stratus vs Crystal

What sets the Residential Crystal elevator apart from the Stratus? Besides being RAM’s most luxurious product, the Crystal has three notable advantages to the Stratus.

  1. Total Customization: When we say total customization, we mean it. Let your inspiration go wild and choose everything from car size, doors, finishes, lighting, and flooring– even the buttons are customizable. The only limit to the look and feel of your Crystal elevator is your imagination.
  2. Fully Counter Balanced Traction Drive: The Crystal uses at least 50% less energy than comparable products due to the fully counterbalanced traction drive system.
  3. Low Overhead Clearance: RAM has designed the most space-efficient traction MRL on the market with the Crystal. All drive components are mounted directly on the top of the RAM rigid guide-rail frame, fitting into a standard 96” top-floor ceiling height.

Trust RAM

RAM’s most cost-effective feature is the Machine-Room Less (MRL) design, where most other elevators require a separate room for essential machinery. All RAM elevators are self-contained and compact, saving users space, time and money.

For the average homeowner looking for a home elevator, the Stratus is the most cost-effective elevation solution available on the market. If you want to add an elegant feature to your home, the Crystal is absolutely worth the cost.

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