Demystifying Home Elevator Costs with RAM

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Lifts, Elevators

For many homeowners, cost can be a deciding factor when choosing to add home elevators, lifts, or other accessibility features to their homes. Many homeowners still believe that a home elevator is out of their budget; for others, the prospect of calculating the total cost of a home elevator is overwhelming.

However, modern technology has allowed manufacturers to design and engineer affordable elevators that deliver performance and reliability at a fraction of the price of traditional products.

Every home (and homeowner) is different, and the cost of a home elevator will depend on the property, accessibility needs, and other unique factors. However, advances in engineering have made home elevators more affordable than ever, delivering performance and reliability at a fraction of the price many homeowners expect!

Read on for a breakdown of typical costs associated with installing a home elevator, as well as to discover how RAM Elevator + Lift’s line of residential products offers comfortable, convenient, and affordable mobility solutions for any budget.


The most obvious expense for home elevators is the cost of the elevator itself. Depending on the design and technology used, the cost of equipment can vary greatly between manufacturers. Unfortunately, top dollar doesn’t always get homeowners the best product for their needs; many of the most expensive types of home elevators also come with other costs that can add up quickly over the elevator’s life.

RAM proudly offers a complete range of residential elevators and lifts suitable for any budget or mobility requirement. Our Trus-T-Lift wheelchair lifts provide versatile indoor/outdoor accessibility with industry-leading reliability. For homeowners seeking a refined yet affordable home elevator, our Stratus series elevators are available in various interior colours, trims, and finishes to blend seamlessly into your living space. Finally, our Crystal series offers homeowners complete customization for the ultimate in luxury for those looking to bring elegance to their home mobility. All RAM products are available with a complete range of peripherals and accessories to accommodate any mobility requirement.

Options for All Homeowners

Ready for a home lift that is made to fit even the smallest spaces? The Trus-T-Lift is RAM’s compact home mobility solution. Made with two standardized sizing options, the Trus-T-Lift is an easy-to-install addition to any home. In addition to its compact size and unique all-electrical drive system, the Trus-T-Lift also offers total customization for homeowners.

The Stratus series elevator is the ultimate solution for small spaces. With customizable options that make your elevator reflect your home’s unique style, the Stratus is an elevator that adapts fully to your space. Affordable and functional, this elevator comes equipped with features of Smart Space Design to give you your best access.

For the best elevating device for your retrofit, the Crystal series elevator is the easy choice. The Crystal elevator is a luxurious elevating device that offers total customization so you can have complete control over the look and feel of your elevator. The Crystal is an innovative elevator that wows homeowners with its beautiful design and easy-to-integrate appeal. The Crystal takes on Smart Space Design features to save you money, time and space.

Site Preparation

Most elevators or lifts will require some type of home modification to be installed properly. Depending on the type of elevator, this could mean digging a pit, modifying ceilings for adequate overhead clearance, or sacrificing space to accommodate bulky equipment and machinery. These renovations not only represent an additional expense; they can also dramatically impact your quality of life by interfering with your existing living space and daily routine.

All RAM residential products feature Smart Space Design elements engineered to minimize site preparation and modification, all without sacrificing comfort or performance. Smart Space Design features include pitless, machine room-less MRL construction, low overhead clearance requirements, and a small footprint, making them ideal for retrofitting in existing homes with minimal modifications. Our compact, high-performance elevators and lifts’ minimal space requirements not only save you on renovations, but also help you preserve the character of your home without sacrificing mobility.


Installation is another key expense to consider when choosing a home elevator. Similar to site preparation, the design of the elevator itself will play a large part in determining overall installation costs. The bigger and bulkier the elevator, the more likely it is to cost homeowners more time and money.

RAM’s Smart Space Design helps make installation fast and easy for homeowners. In addition to smaller (and fewer) components than typical home elevators, RAM home elevators are also engineered for quick and easy maneuvering and installation in any home. Our intuitive design ensures minimal time and disruption to your home during installation, allowing you to get moving with ease.


Even after your elevator or lift is installed, it will still need ongoing maintenance and repair. Not all products are equal here; outdated technology (especially traditional winding-drum and hydraulic systems) requires significantly more frequent and expensive upkeep than modern designs.

RAM’s complete line of residential home elevators are engineered for clean comfort and convenience. RAM’s proprietary electric drive system offers reliable, whisper-quiet power without the maintenance, costs, and harsh smells of a typical machine room. Meanwhile, while self-lubricating engineered polymers on all guiding surfaces keep your ride clean and quiet with minimal upkeep. When routine maintenance is required, our experienced team of specialists and trusted dealer partners are ready to provide quick and painless professional service.

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