Designing Aesthetic Small Commercial Lifts: the Stratus

by | Nov 23, 2023 | Elevators, Lifts

Are you looking to make your commercial space more accessible? You do not need to sacrifice your aesthetics for mobility’s sake! RAM Elevators + Lifts create pleasing aesthetic elevators for your commercial buildings to help make your site accessible to everyone. At RAM, we firmly believe that implementing accessibility does not need to mean compromising on the appeal of your building. We have worked hard to design beautiful elevators with appearance in mind, and we are proud to offer design options with all of our mobility devices.

Aesthetically Pleasing Accessibility

With RAM Elevators + Lifts comes the ability to customize different elements of your small commercial elevator. Whatever the dimensions you need, RAM can provide it for you. Our Stratus elevator can be as small as 36 inches in width to fit into any commercial space, and has three schemes available for you to choose from.

The Small Commercial Lift Advantage

All RAM commercial elevators have safety features that can be implemented to ensure no child misuses it. Along with the safety features that prevent users from being trapped inside during a power outage, we can adjust the lift design to suit your commercial space. Construction of the entrance and exit points can change to accommodate for straight through, in-out, or adjacent exit points. Your RAM small commercial elevator can travel distances of up to 14 feet in under a minute while maintaining a smooth start and stop for users.

The RAM Advantage frees your small commercial elevator from using a machine room or extensive pit. You have the option between a two-inch ramp with our pitless elevator or you can choose our minimal depth design that requires only a 2-inch pit for flush access. Our signature design saves you space and cost by eliminating the need for a machine room, and by proxy, eliminating the construction time that would come with installing such a room.

Is the Stratus Right For My Business?

Choosing the right accessibility solutions for your business can seem daunting when you aren’t sure what you are looking for. Here are a few guiding questions that can help you determine if the Stratus elevator is right for you:

  • Will the elevator be used frequently?
  • Do you need your elevator to go up more than 14 ft?
  • Will your load capacity be heavy?
  • Do you want a faster elevator?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may benefit from checking out our Commercial Crystal Lift. If you answered no to these questions, the Stratus could be right for you! Conversely, if you do not require as many features for your elevator and are simply looking for a space-saving alternative to a ramp, check out our Commercial Vertical Platform Lift!

RAM Elevators + Lifts can help you achieve your accessibility goals without asking you to compensate on your business’ aesthetics. Let us help you determine the right elevator for your commercial business. Contact us today and we can come out for an in-person on-site consultation. Or, if you’re looking for more information on pricing, you can request a quote.


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