Do Affordable Home Elevators Actually Exist?

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Lifts, Elevators

The biggest concern homeowners have when looking for home elevators is the price tag. In all honesty, home elevators have a stigma of being extremely expensive, and only those making a 6 figure salary can afford one. While that might be true for some elevator manufacturers, this is not the case with RAM Elevators + Lifts. Learn more about RAM’s affordable home elevators below!

Our Background

Before we explore our line of affordable home elevators and lifts, we’re going to briefly explain to you Our Why. Thirty years ago, we noticed a significant shift towards accessibility in North America and wanted to help homeowners have access to affordable mobility solutions that don’t require extensive construction or costly renovations. Our goal has always been to increase accessibility by manufacturing lifts and elevators that are simple to install, safe to use and affordable for all households. Thirty years later, we are proud to be North America’s leading elevators and lifts manufacturer, providing homeowners across the US and Canada with reliable and affordable home elevators. We have installed elevators in homes of all sizes, ensuring smooth and safe operation no matter the space.

Innovative Design

With RAM Elevators + Lifts, you can avoid chaotic construction, extensive excavation, and lengthy site preparation. Our affordable home elevators incorporate our innovative Smart Space Design that ensures seamless integration of our products into your home without the need for heavy or costly construction. Our affordable home elevators are also designed with a Machine Room-Less (MRL) Design, require limited or no pit, and have low overhead clearance. These unique features allow us to install RAM elevators without extensive site preparation, saving you both time and money. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your existing place, a RAM elevator requires minimal space and site preparation.

Minimal Maintenance 

Since maintenance is another factor that can increase the cost of home elevators, RAM Elevators + Lifts incorporates our unique all-electric drive system in all our products as it requires minimal maintenance visits. With this powerful electric drive system, maintenance is required only every six months. Unlike hydraulic or winding drum elevators, there is no need for continuous home visits for maintenance to ensure safety. When you choose any of RAM’s affordable home elevators, you will no longer have to worry about maintenance visits to fill up fluid, ensure no leakage or clean the machines. Additionally, our all-electric drive system doesn’t omit any harsh smells and is whisper-quiet!

Short and Long-Term Investment

RAM Elevators + Lifts’ goal is to provide you with the affordable mobility solution you need without sacrificing functionality or style. Our Stratus and Crystal home elevators provides affordable and reliable options for your home and allow you to install a necessary mobility solution in nearly any space. Homeowners who have invested in a RAM home elevator have saved themselves time, effort, and money both today and in the long run.

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