Factors To Consider When Purchasing Small Elevators For Homes

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Elevators

When considering the purchase of a home elevator, homeowners are often weary about the price. Home elevators are often thought to be extravagant, but they don’t always have to be. Nowadays, there are many mobility solutions available for wheelchair-friendly homes to help homeowners stay in the home they love.

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we believe that having a home elevator is a necessity in all homes – no one should feel constrained, cut off or feel uncomfortable in their own home due to their limited mobility. Our product line of small elevators for homes is designed to offer homeowners high-quality, safe and affordable solutions suitable for their needs and within budget. We aim to provide homeowners across North America with reliable and affordable home elevators and lifts to help them increase accessibility and move around their homes independently. Before purchasing a home elevator, consider the factors below and how they can impact the cost of your home elevator.

Renovation and Architectural Cost

We all know how expensive and time-consuming home renovations are, especially if you’re tearing down walls, excavating the floor and building an entirely separate room to accommodate essential machinery. Many home elevators require heavy pit construction and costly renovations to create space for the shaft, the cab and a separate machine room for all the essential machinery. With that said, there are home elevators on the market that don’t require a machine room and require minimal construction, so be sure to ask about the renovation and architectural cost before making your purchase!

Installation Cost

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a home elevator is the cost of installation. Renovating your home is only the first step of preparing for a home elevator; once the construction is complete, you will then prepare for a costly installation service. Typical home elevators in the market come in many pieces that require a lengthy and costly installation process.

Maintenance Cost

With home elevators, the renovation and installation costs are not the only factors to consider when calculating the cost; maintenance also heavily impacts the overall cost of a home elevator. In our previous blogs, we explored the different types of home elevators, and how many of them require extensive and regular maintenance visits to ensure safety and performance. For instance, hydraulic elevators require frequent fluid changes to avoid leaks or harsh smells!

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