Get Your House Back with Residential Elevators

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Elevators

A home is supposed to be where individuals feel comfortable and safe. It’s a place of rest, yet mobility issues can break that connection to feeling relaxed in an individual’s home. It shouldn’t be this way. RAM Elevators + Lifts has the technology to give you access to feeling safe and comfortable in your home once again. Read on to learn about how our elevators can do that.

Residential Elevators for Accessibility

Limited safe access to floors of your home can be a daily stressor that is entirely unnecessary. This physical limitation, whether new or existing, can lead to declining mental health. Today, we have residential elevators that can give you back access to your whole home and do so with elegance. RAM Elevators + Lifts creates elevators to fit these needs.

Residential elevators are beautiful solutions for aging in place and overcoming mobility barriers so that you can regain access to your home. Stairs are no longer the only option for transportation, and at RAM, we believe that no one should be limited to using stairs. Let us help you pick the right elevator for your home and needs.

Quick Construction, Safe Elevators

If you want to increase mobility in your home, your primary concern will probably be how long installation takes and how safe your new device will be. A residential elevator is about increasing accessibility; let’s not make it about the process. RAM elevators will not take months to construct but weeks at most. They also do not require you to give up extra space for a machine room. While most elevators do require a machine room, we have designed ours to function without it.

If you have children you are concerned about, know that our elevators come with a key lock feature to prevent children from using the elevator without an adult present. Phones and emergency alarms are also an option for your RAM elevator. The alarm is designed to be loud enough for nearby neighbours to hear. If there is a power outage, our elevators have three backup features to keep you as safe as possible.

Function with Beauty

Choosing how to live your life shouldn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. Installing an accessibility elevator does not mean you will have an eyesore in your home because RAM Elevators + Lifts creates beautiful elevators to help you level up – literally and aesthetically. We can help you design an elevator that adds to the feel of your home at RAM Elevators + Lifts.

RAM Elevators + Lifts is Ready to Help

Accessibility is a necessity, not a luxury. RAM Elevators + Lifts understands the need for individuals to modify their homes to be accessible, but a lengthy construction process can be daunting. Whether you are coming home from the hospital, planning for aging in place, or looking to increase your quality of life, RAM elevators can help in an efficient manner. Contact us to learn more.


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