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by | Apr 11, 2022 | Elevators

Building your perfect luxury home did not happen overnight; you spent hours and even days perfecting every tiny detail. Each detail was thoroughly poured over and exceptionally executed; from the paint, flooring, furniture to the overall aesthetic. At RAM, we believe that you should not sacrifice the style for function when installing a home elevator in your luxury home.

For over 30 years of excelling in the industry, RAM Elevators + Lifts understands the battle between finding a luxury home elevator that matches your decor and functions seamlessly. Read on to learn about our luxury home elevators that combine style with reliable operation.

The Crystal Series

Installing RAM’s luxury home elevator is having your own personalized centrepiece. Elegance, innovation and reliability are all found in our Crystal series. The Crystal and Crystal Prism can travel up to 50FT in style while providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

Elevate Your Home

Our Crystal Series elevators offer homeowners full control over the design. We provide a wide range of sizes, doors, car finishes, lighting options and call buttons. You can now have a luxury home elevator that fully matches your home aesthetic. If you’re looking for some extra glam, contact us about the Crystal Prism. This is a full glass elevator with a free-standing glass shaft! Homeowners might worry when installing a luxury home elevator AFTER fully furnishing the house, all RAM elevators can easily be installed in any home as they do not require lengthy excavation. You have the choice between a pitless build with a 3” ramp (ideal for existing spaces) or a 3” pit for flush access. The choice is yours.

Trust RAM

We warranty back our Crystal series to ensure reliable performance. We also have dealer partners all over North America ready to perform routine maintenance whenever you need. Check out our inspiration page to see all our designer collaborations with our Crystal Series Elevators.

Smart AND Stylish

Our RAM elevators are stylish and use Smart Space Design to ensure seamless operation as well as maintain a luxurious look. Our executive All Electric Drive System ensures smooth operation as well a whisper-quiet ride. RAM’s Crystal series is installed without the need for a machine room for extra machinery. Our Machine-Room-Less design offers you the compact, self-contained luxury elevator you’re looking for.

Ready To Elevate Your Home?

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