How RAM Commercial Lifts Save Property Owners Time and Money

by | May 3, 2022 | Elevators, Lifts

Adding an accessibility feature to a commercial property represents a significant investment for building owners. In addition to money, renovation time and expensive modifications to the property itself can diminish stakeholders’ potential return on investment. While making your property accessible to everybody is always worthwhile, choosing the right commercial lift is essential to ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

As a North American leader in commercial accessibility, RAM Elevators + Lifts proudly offers affordable, dependable mobility solutions for a wide variety of commercial applications. From the value-adding reliability of our Trus-T-Lift platform lifts to the opulent luxury of our Crystal Series, RAM delivers reliable mobility solutions at a highly competitive price point, helping property owners get the most for their money. Learn more about how RAM’s commercial lifts save building owners time and money below.

Smart Space Design

Let’s face it: whether you’re installing an elevator, lift, ramp, or some other kind of accessibility product, property owners need to ensure there is adequate space available. Far too often, building owners automatically assume that an elevating device simply won’t fit in their space, unaware that advances in engineering have made commercial lifts more compact than ever.

RAM Elevators + Lifts is at the forefront of engineering innovative, compact commercial lifts that still offer reliable performance and durability. Our exclusive Smart Space Design features include:

  • Machine Room-Less (MRL) design.
  • Proprietary All-Electric Drive System
  • Minimal Overhead Clearance Requirements
  • Shallow Pit requirements (pitless configurations with 3″ ramp available)

Combined with RAM’s elegant and thoughtful engineering, RAM commercial lifts are among the most compact on the market today, perfect for both new spaces and retrofitting. No matter how much (or little) space you have to work with, RAM has mobility solutions that will complement your property perfectly.

Easy Installation

Even if your property has the space, installation can still be a challenge for many commercial elevators and lifts. Many older, outdated designs require ground-floor excavation to accommodate a pit, as well as roof and ceiling modifications if additional overhead clearance is required. Additionally, hydraulic or other elevator types often require separate, enclosed machine rooms to be added to your floorplan. These and other renovations are expensive and time-consuming, increasing the upfront costs to add accessibility features to your property.

In addition to saving space, RAM’s Smart Space Design also saves money on installation and associated renovations. Our commercial lifts require as little as a 2″ pit and minimal overhead clearance, minimizing the chaos of construction on your property. Our machine room-less drive systems further reduce disruption to your property. Finally, RAM’s intuitive modular designs are easy to move into place, minimizing installation time and labour.

Minimal Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance costs are a critical consideration for any property owner. Simply put, every accessibility solution will require some sort of maintenance or repair. However, a thoughtfully engineered, durable product represents a better investment for property owners. You’ll spend less money servicing your lift, and your guests will spend less time without the accessibility they need.

RAM commercial products come standard with a host of features designed to save property owners on maintenance costs. Our field-proven all-electric traction drive system offers best-in-class performance and durability, while self-lubricating polymers on guiding surfaces keep your ride smooth and quiet for life. When the time comes for routine maintenance, our expert technicians are here to provide support for every aspect of your commercial lift, ensuring you get the most out of your investment for years to come.

RAM’s Industry-Leading Commercial Lifts

Since 1987, RAM Elevators + Lifts has been engineering innovative mobility products that adhere to the strictest building codes while raising the bar for contemporary function and form. Our complete range of commercial products is designed to address specific accessibility and mobility needs in public spaces, providing passengers with a barrier-free experience. Ideal for low-rise structures, our units can travel up to 25 vertical feet (approximately three stories) and offer a clean, quiet, and comfortable ride in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Whether your property can benefit from Trus-T-Lift’s utility and value, the comfort and convenience of the Stratus, or the Crystal series’ unparalleled luxury, RAM delivers innovative engineering, performance, and peace of mind for customers across North America.

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