How To Cut Down On Your Home Elevator Expenses

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Elevators, Lifts

Home elevators are an integral part of ensuring that your home is accessible for everyone but with the rise in prices, installing a home elevator can be quite pricey. Below are a few tips that you can use to cut down on your home elevator expenses.

Minimize Installation Costs

When purchasing a home elevator, customers generally overlook installation costs which sometimes can be more expensive than the elevator itself. If your home doesn’t already have a dedicated area to install an elevator, you might have to undergo extravagant home renovations to create space for it. The extra costs can sometimes cause customers to avoid purchasing an elevator altogether and, as a result, sacrifice accessibility.

At RAM Elevators + Lifts, we firmly believe that customers should not sacrifice accessibility due to high installation costs. For over 30 years, our team of experts has worked closely with all our customers to provide them with the best possible solution for their mobility needs by manufacturing affordable and reliable home elevators. Unlike traditional elevators, RAM’s line of residential elevators incorporates the Smart Space Design, offering customers high-performance home elevators at affordable prices.

While other elevators on the market might require customers to build a separate room for essential machinery, every RAM product is self-contained and compact, saving you time, space and money. With essential drive components mounted directly to the top of the elevator, RAM elevators can be easily installed into a standard 96” top-floor ceiling height. All our elevators incorporate a machine-room less (MRL) design and low overhead clearance to help customers avoid spending thousands of dollars on tearing down walls, excavating floors and renovating their homes to make space for a new elevator.

Minimize Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a home elevator is another additional cost that homeowners fear. With hydraulic elevators, for example, homeowners complain of unpleasant odour, sudden oil leakage and loud noises when operating the elevator. Consequently, homeowners end up paying continuous maintenance bills. With RAM’s all-electric drive system, homeowners no longer have to worry about any of these issues. Our proprietary drive system is engineered to be whisper-quiet, and since it does not require any fluids to function fully, the possibility of leakage or harsh smells is eliminated. The Smart Space Design helps our customers cut down on their maintenance costs and provides them with reliable, low-maintenance home elevators.

Trust RAM for Reliable and Affordable Home Elevators

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